18 Long-lasting Gifts on a $20 Budget

18 Long-lasting Gifts on a $20 Budget

Posted By Amanda Saxby

Champagne gifts on a beer budget! These presents are all BuyMeOnce approved, guaranteed to last longer than 365 days and are much more thoughtful than another glittery fidget spinner. Find the perfect gift for your friend, dad, grandmother or new pup with our $20 budget guide.

1. Flowfold Wallet, $14

For just $14 a recycled sailcloth card holder from Flowfold makes a fun, useful and interesting gift with a lifetime guarantee to boot. This nifty minimalist wallet is super thin and lightweight, made from one of the toughest performance fabrics in the world. Perfect if you know someone sick of cumbersome leather wallets.

15 Long-lasting Gifts on a $20 Budget | BuyMeOnce.com

2. little miss workbench Chalkboard Cellphone, $18

Forego badly made plastic toys this Christmas. This Chalkboard Cellphone by little miss workbench is $18 and makes a beautiful gift, since it is crafted to last and encourages children to use their imagination. Who said technology was bad for them?

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3. United by Blue Copper Straws Set, $18

For the sustainable person in your life, this Copper Straws Set by United by Blue is a practical gift that looks gorgeous as well as lasting a lifetime. Not only that, a pound of trash is removed from the world’s oceans and waterways with each purchase from United by Blue. 

20 Long-lasting Gifts on a $20 Budget | BuyMeOnce.com

 4. Swedish Stockings Klara Knit Socks, $17

These pretty Klara Cable Knit Socks by Swedish Stockings are made from purely recycled yarn with a little elastane for stretch. They’re ultra soft, designed by a brand whose mission it is to turn around the wasteful hosiery industry with socks and tights that just don’t snag. Perfect for a conscious fashion lover.

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5. Neal’s Yard English Lavender Bath Gel, $16

Sometimes there’s no better gift than indulgent bath products, and the organic, aromatic scents and natural wellbeing products from Neal’s Yard are difficult to beat. Get someone who loves relaxing English Lavender bath gel from Neal’s Yard

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6. Recycled Plastic Submarine Toy, $14.99

 A brilliant bath time friend from Green Toys. This bright blue and yellow submarine made from recycled plastic bottles is a great bathtub or pool companion – let your child’s imagination soar as they submerge the vessel and watch the hull fill with water. Perfect for little admirals! 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

 7. Lifetime Guaranteed Socks, $16.95/$12.95

A pair of lifetime guaranteed socks (for men or women) from Darn Tough. Everyone loves receiving socks for Christmas, but don’t just buy them any socks. Get them a pair of seamless, soft merino wool socks that they will wear the rest of their life. If these aren’t the best Christmas socks they’ll ever get, we’ll eat our hats! 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

 8. Recycled Paper Journal, $12.99

A set of nifty notebooks made from upcycled paper. Know someone who scribbles through notebooks or doodles through bullet journals at an epic rate? Help them write their way to saving the planet with Resketch’s reclaimed paper journals. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

9. An EcoTools Makeup Brush Set, $7.95

A budget-friendly starter kit for the makeup enthusiast from EcoTools. This nifty kit comes with everything you need to create your favourite look. From eyes to brows to cheeks to base, this soft-bristled brush set is the perfect starting point. It’s also 100% planet friendly. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

10. Keep Cup Reusable Coffee Cup, $20

This hipster travel mug (that also happens to save the planet with every use). Tough, BPA-free and made from a nearly unbreakable glass, the KeepCup is the perfect gift for a caffeine-addicted eco-warrior. We love this silver and powder blue combo, but you can also customize it to suit your friend, right down to the splash-proof plug. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com


11. Lupine Pet Chew-Proof Lead, $18.36

This leash for the animal-loving eco-warrior from Lupine Pet. Constructed from recycled plastic bottles, this leash is comfortable and lightweight, and the brushed nylon underside protects your furry friend from pulling burns. Bonus: this puppy is lifetime guaranteed “even if chewed!” 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

12. GIR Spatula, $12.95

This pinnacle of baking tool perfection from GIR. Encourage your friend to bake you all the Christmas cookies this season with this seamless silicone spatula. Crafted with a super durable fibreglass core, the Ultimate is lightweight, sturdy and non-slip, perfect for anything from gingerbread to Panettone. Not that you’re sending any hints or anything. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

13. Fisher Space Pen, $16.95

This pen that can write underwater, over grease, at any angle, upside down, in extreme temperatures and in zero gravity. A Fisher bullet pen – the same design used aboard the first manned Apollo mission – is the perfect gift for any budding Sci-Fi screenwriter. Or anyone who just wants an unbreakable pen on a budget. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

14. Haba Maze Game, $19.99

This incredibly adorable wooden magnetic maze game from Haba. Made from sustainably-sourced reforested German timber, this game will provide hours of entertainment for your little ones and help them develop fine motor skills, dexterity and problem solving. Perfectly pass-downable. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

 15. The Joy of Less, $5.19

This handy guide to the joys of living with less. We could all do with a little less clutter and a little more happy – this book makes the perfect gift for a friend just starting out on their minimalist journey. Who knows. Maybe when they’re done with it, they can organize your life too! 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

16. Zippo Lighter, $17

This bulletproof heirloom lighter from Zippo. The Zippo is a classic celebration gift – engravable and incredibly practical, this is a present they will cherish for decades. The Armor line’s casing is 1.5 times thicker than a standard Zippo’s, so it should withstand even the heaviest of impacts. A gift particularly good for clumsy people. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

17. Orange Tree Toys Truck Set, $15

A delightful set of chunky wooden trucks from Orange Tree Toys. These tiny treasures – a pick-up truck, a cement mixer and a dump truck – combine traditional quality and forward-thinking design to create timeless toys that will spark young imaginations for years to come. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

18. West Paw Design Dog Toy, $12.95

A lifetime guaranteed tug dog toy from West Paw Design. This innovative toy is made from a non-toxic, durable, bendy, bouncy material called Zogoflex, created to withstand the most aggressive players. Gleefully challenge your pup to a tug-o-war this Christmas and just see who comes out on top. 

15 Long-lasting Gifts Under $20 | buymeonce.com

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