7 Giftable Products Made in America

7 Giftable Products Made in America

Posted By Amanda Saxby

December is almost upon us and Christmas is fast-approaching! When picking out lasting gifts, do you often wonder if where the products were made should be a priority? We believe it should. There are so many reasons to support locally-made manufacturers; here are just a few:

The Economy. Buying locally-made supports the national economy; think of it as recycling your hard-earned cash back into your own community, where it can then support other local businesses and governments in turn.

Jobs. If demand for a certain product grows past the current capacity, the only solution for companies is to hire more people to help supply it, creating more local jobs!

Human rights. With local manufacturers, it’s far easier to be sure that you’re supporting a company that is well-versed in the laws and codes promoting safe, ethical working conditions.

The Environment. Buying within your own country not only helps reduce oil and gas emissions but greatly reduces excess packaging such as cartons, containers and plastics that are often used during long transportation.

If you’re thinking of purchasing some locally-made gifts this year, we’ve curated a little list of American-made built-to-last buys just for you!

For Her Capsule Wardrobe

buymeonce.com amour vert francoise stripe top

Amour Vert’s Francoise Stretch Jersey Top, $78

We love this American-made brand for not making us choose between style and sustainability. Amour Vert specialize in laid-back basics made from innovative recycled materials combined with luxurious wools and silks to produce long-lasting, sustainable clothing. They even plant a tree for every tee they sell!

Francoise is one of Amour Vert’s best sellers. Timeless, elegant and and cozy, it’s made from 94% modal fabric, one of the most sustainable fibers around. Parisian chic and eco-friendly, Francoise is a capsule wardrobe staple for the fashionista on your list.

For Their New Home

buymeonce.com pendleton national park blanket lifestyle

Pendleton’s Glacier National Park Blanket, $269

When it comes to textiles, Pendleton are the essence of American heritage. This brand have been weaving high-quality woollen fabrics in the USA for 150 years with designs inspired by the American wilderness and traditional craftsmanship.

The Glacier National Park Blanket is a 100-year-old design and one of Pendleton’s best-loved products. Inspired by the rugged landscape of Glacier National Park, the stripes reference trading posts that once dotted the frontier-era North American landscape. Pendleton’s products are as hardy now as they were a hundred years ago; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a blanket sturdier or cozier than this one. Slip this under their tree and guarantee them years of toasty fireside snuggles.

For His Wilderness Hikes

buymeonce.com stormy kromer lifestyle

Stormy Kromer’s Original Cap, $44.99

The iconic Stormy Kromer cap comes with 100 years of craftsmanship and history built into its design. Each hat is sewn in Michigan, USA and is designed to beat the winter months whilst fitting snugly on your head. For extra ear warmth just pull down on those classic flaps on either side of your head. One hundred and thirteen years means this Original Cap already seems timeless; by the time your grandkid is shovelling snow from your driveway proudly sporting your old Stormy, it’ll have a story of its own.

All Stormy Kromers come with a unique serial number sewn into the label – if his hat is stolen, lost or damaged within three years of purchase, the company will replace the hat at 50% of the purchase price. Furthermore, should his Stormy wear out or bust a seam, the lifetime warranty will guarantee a free replacement. This is one amazing gift for the outdoorsman (or woman)!

For the Food Network Junkie


buymeonce.com all-clad chef set

All-Clad’s Master Chef 7-Piece Collection, $370

For the foodie in your life, you can’t go wrong with this incredibly durable All-Clad cookware set. Originally designed to keep up with the demands of professional chefs, All-Clad products are handcrafted in the USA from 18/10 stainless steel durability and a pure aluminium inner core for generous heat conductivity. The stay-cool handles are secured with non-corrosive rivets and sure-fitting stainless steel lids seal in moisture and nutrients while cooking.

Not only does this cookware set come with a lifetime guarantee, All-Clad also recycles every ounce of unused materials, all the way down to the dust generated during the sanding process! If cooking is their passion, you won’t find a more thoughtful lifetime gift.

For the World Traveller

buymeonce.com looptworks weekender lifestyle

Looptworks’ Upcycled In-Flight Weekender Duffle, $280

Looptworks are upcycling champions. Created in 2009 in reaction to the worst excesses of the fashion industry, they have set out to create a line of apparel and accessories that cuts waste to a minimum. Their mantra is a simple one: “use only what already exists”. It just so happens that certain excess materials, otherwise destined for the scrap heap, happen to be some of the most durable leathers, metals and fabrics around.

This striking duffle bag has been built to endure a lifetime of travel. It was made using leather seat covers from retired Alaska Airlines aircraft, a new life bestowed on material that still had so much to give. Their design team got especially creative here, using their remaining leather supplies to prevent any of that beautiful blue and tan leather from getting sent to the landfill. Each bag is hand-made in the USA, hand-numbered and backed by their lifetime warranty. Got a globetrotter on your list? Slide this duffle their way this Christmas and watch their face light up.

For the Little One to Cuddle

buymeonce.com vermont teddy bear

Vermont Teddy Bears’ 15″ Premium Fur Teddy Bear, $59.99

Is there a newborn or cuddly toddler on your Christmas list this year? If so, we couldn’t suggest a more perfect lifetime gift than a teddy bear. Lots of us have kept our childhood teddies, and it’s always such a joy to pass them down a generation. Teddies are friends with whom we grow up and grow old.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is unique in that it guarantees all its bears for life and will fix them in their “Bear Hospital” if they have a mishap. This gorgeous blonde cuddly bear, with a jolly red bow tie is handmade in Vermont, USA using the softest fur they could get their paws on and 100% recycled stuffing.

For the Crazy Pooch

buymeonce.com west paw design frisbee

West Paw Design’s Zisc Flying Disc, $15.95

West Paw Design aren’t just a pet company; they are leading the way in pet accessory manufacturing. Their toys are responsibly and ethically manufactured in their facility in Montana, USA, and designed with your pet and the planet in mind. Safety is West Paw Design’s top priority. Their toys are durable, eco-friendly and non-toxic, ensuring a happy dog and a happy planet. Not only are West Paw Design championing the “Made in America” movement, they’re also strong advocates for pets and the planet through the Pet Sustainability Coalition and their Join the Loop recycling program.

Made from West Paw’s durable, bendy, bouncy Zogoflex material, the Zisc disc is guaranteed to outlast even the most aggressive play (and if it doesn’t, the company offers a free single-use replacement). The Zisc is a great Christmas gift for the frisbee fetching pup; the innovative design is softer on mouths and tougher, bouncier, floatier and more fun than other frisbees.

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