9 Reasons Why a Gift Card is the Ultimate Christmas Present

9 Reasons Why a Gift Card is the Ultimate Christmas Present

Posted By Jasmine Vorley

Here at BuyMeOnce, we know that even with our staggering range of high-quality products on offer this holiday season, you’re never guaranteed to get it right when it comes to gifting. In fact, for a truly conscious Christmas, should you even buy presents at all? We believe you can banish unnecessary, wasteful consumption - without being a total Scrooge! The answer? Gift cards. With the launch of our new Gift for Life Card, we want to champion the idea that the humble gift voucher is the pinnacle of conscious gifting. Here’s why:


1. No more unwanted gifts

Did you know it’s been estimated that in the US we will spend close to $10 billion on unwanted gifts this Christmas? Buying things that aren’t wanted is not just awkward - it’s an offensive waste of money, time and stuff. By giving the gift of choice, a gift card eliminates the chance of a disappointing present, and empowers your loved one to choose something they actually need.

2. It’s kinder to the environment

It’s not just unwanted gifts that might find their way to landfill. If you’re on a budget, choosing cheaply-made options for Christmas does no one any favors, as planned obsolescence means many items won’t last until January. A Gift for Life card can be put towards the purchase of sustainably-made, eco friendly item that could last a lifetime. And no wasteful wrapping paper required! 

3. Don’t rush into a bad purchase

We’ve all been there - that anxiety-fuelled power walk around the high street in late December, buying a ‘that’ll do’ gift you know isn’t right just before the shops close. Purchasing a Gift for Life Card is not only stress-free and instantaneous, it allows the recipient to carefully select their own gift, without any rush.

4. Contribute to something bigger

Would you rather have one amazing present, or ten rubbish ones? It may be that what your loved one really wants for Christmas is a dream item, that neither of you can afford alone. With a gift card, you can contribute to the purchase of the ultimate present, whilst working within a budget that works for you. 

5. It forces them to treat themselves!

To truly give the gift of choice, why wouldn’t you just give cash? As we all know, life gets in the way, and it can be difficult to put money aside into making a dedicated ‘treat’ purchase for ourselves, even when instructed to. A gift card is a conscious Christmas present that means your giftee will pick out something they love, instead of the weekly shop.

6. Money well spent

The festive gift-giving expectations we place upon ourselves are so strong, we easily forget our money is hard-earned, and shouldn’t be thrown away thoughtlessly! Gift cards ensure that gift purchases are productive, thought-through and wanted. This is a way to respect your money, and the time you spent earning it.

7. There’s no accounting for taste

Clothing and accessories consistently top the list of gifts that miss the mark. This is because taste and style are so personal, even if you think you know what someone likes, it’s fairly likely you don’t. Even worse, now they have to wear it every time they see you! Let them choose something they actually love, avoiding any awkward unwrapping moments.

8. Perfect for Secret Santa

Is Steve that guy from accounting? Or the HR manager who made the email blunder that one time? What color socks does he like? Secret Santa purchases are often difficult, but they don’t have to result in thoughtless, random gifts. Instead, let your colleague or friend pick a quality item they truly love with a Gift for Life Card!

9. Loved for life

‘Emotional durability’ means an item’s ability to stand the test of time as a loved object. Maybe you’ll buy your dad that wallet with the lifetime warranty on it - but what if he hates the design? You can’t always guarantee a gift will stay in someone’s life forever, but by letting them choose, it’s far more likely to happen!

So, do you think gift cards get a bad rep? If you’re ready to pare down your Christmas and give the gift of choice, check out the new Gift for Life Card by BuyMeOnce.

Or are you wedded to the idea of buying physical gifts?  If you want to find sustainable gifts of quality, take a look at our Conscious Christmas page, where you can find gift guides by values such as Zero Waste or Made in the USA. 


From all of us at BuyMeOnce, we’d like to wish you a happy and conscious Christmas. 

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