Give the happy couple something so solid it can be handed down through the generations. A gift as durable as their commitment to each other.


For a lifetime of merriness the newlyweds will require wine glasses that can truly hack every marriage milestone, starting immediately with those ‘honeymoon phase’ drinking sessions. These Ivento red wine glasses are made with patented Tritan Crystal and are ridiculously break resistant. Because they are so durable, you’ll find this brand used in top hotels so they’ll survive the dishwasher as well as zealous cheersing.

Write on gift tag: “Drunk in Love” (Feat. you two)

2. SUMO ICE CREAM SCOOP $13.99/£12.99

when the newlyweds think life couldn’t be sweeter, cue the unwrapping of your incredibly thoughtful lifetime guaranteed ice cream scoop. Crafted from a single piece of solid stainless steel this scoop is virtually indestructible and is the most durable and budget-friendly wedding present we can think of – you don’t need to be a sugar daddy to buy gifts that can be handed down through the generations. Add a cherry on top by engraving the scoop with the names of the happy couple.

Write on the Gift Tag: May your only rocky roads be made out of chocolate.


The large canopy of this Davek umbrella is perfect for shielding two people. The happy couple can let the rain pour because the Duet brolly will see them through every dark cloud that life will burst upon them. It comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee so if someone breaks it during a lovers’ tiff, Davek will repair or replace it for free. If it’s lost or stolen the recipients can redeem a replacement at up to 50% off the regular retail price, reducing the amount of ‘I can’t believe you…’ arguments by about 50% also.

Write on the Gift Tag: When it’s raining more than ever, know that you’ll still have each other.

4. LE CREUSET SIGNATURE CASSEROLE POT (5 to 6 Servings) $320/£175.98

Gift the happy couple a Le Creuset casserole pot and you’re buying them a family heirloom that will probably appear as an item on their joint will. This top quality cast iron wear has years of craftsmanship forged in and will rustle up thousands of dinners that will leave them feeling top of the pots. Each piece comes with a famous cast-iron guarantee so your gift will be repaired or replaced if anything ever goes wrong.

Write on the gift tag: Together you are a one-pot wonder!


These British made brushes are the perfect gift for a couple who are about to do up their first home. Use the free personalisation service to laser etch up to four lines of cheeky best wishes into a stunning FSC beechwood handle. They’ll be cherished for much longer than a wedding card and will be part of a lifetime of home renovations together. If cared for properly, your message on the paint splattered handle will be handed down from generation to generation.

Write on the gift tag: our future together is a blank canvas. Paint the town red!


June 15, 2016 — Amanda Saxby