They Last Forever! 7 Game-Changing Gifts For Men

They Last Forever! 7 Game-Changing Gifts For Men

Posted By Amanda Saxby

Wondering what to buy for those men in your life? You know the ones – particular yet unspecific or forthcoming in their requests? They might even say there’s nothing at all they want for Christmas, which is often entirely untrue. All of this makes a tricky task all the more troublesome. Generally, men tend to respond positively to products based on a combination of form, function and durability. They are less likely to be pleased with general trinketry or purely pretty objects. This stuff needs to really perform.

Time to get cracking. Our smart selection of thoughtfully ­­curated gifts are sure to surprise and delight even the most discerning and, dare I say it, demanding male gift recipients.

Words: Lily Courtauld
They Last Forever! 7 Game-Changing Gifts For Men |

A Crowd PleasIng Scarf

Cashmere is the undisputed King of Christmas; cashmere is sure to be a hit this time of year, and in scarf form it is essentially gifting gold. And for very good reason. The benefits of gifting a scarf are plentiful: there’s no need to worry about sizing, they’re practical and necessary, they’re super cosy and soft to the touch and they’re timelessly stylish. Is there anything at all not to love?

Banda Scarves use cashmere and virgin wool from a region of Italy well known for producing the finest and most innovative yarns. The quality of these scarves is exceptional, and the brand stands by their product, firmly offering a lifetime guarantee for every piece. We’ve selected two options for you – one luxury number in cashmere and a slightly less pricey, equally eye-catching alternative in virgin wool.

The Essential Accessory

Thirteen50 Leather design, tan and make their collection of leather products in the USA. Each piece has a hand-crafted and authentic look and feel. Natural dyes give rich, saturated colour and a consistent uniform finish. The leather is high quality, yet the price point is accessible – Thirteen50 Leather work hard to deliver their product without the extreme price mark-up that many of us are used to. Oh, and did we mention the lifetime guarantee.

We’ve selected a belt to blow the others out of the water. Forged from full-grain leather, this stuff is not going to break without a heavy duty pair of secateurs or small thermonuclear device. We love this particular brown colour scheme for it’s smooth and classic look – but check out their full range, the rustic look of the Big Hoss is definitely worth a peek.

A Pack to Take Everywhere

We’re seeing a lot of backpacks around at the moment and rightly so – they’re practical, comfortable and they look great. Few, however, can match the awesome credentials of Duluth Pack. Their backpacks take inspiration from original American military designs, yet they have a distinctly modern and refined feel.

The Scout Pack features a sleek envelope design made from cotton canvas – a material known for being lightweight and strong. Leather trims and shiny hardware add a touch of sophistication. Additionally, each bag is covered by a lifetime guarantee. This is a bag that will endure all of life’s daily challenges and then some.

They Last Forever! 7 Game-Changing Gifts For Men |

A Superb Sweatshirt

Tom Cridland is a genius. This is one of the only jumpers a guy will ever need – a true testament to the fact that sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly cool. Gone are the days when the only available options to the discerning eco-intentioned shopper involved hemp and flax seed. These babies are understated, yes, but each detail has been utterly perfected from the body shaping to the double reinforced sleeve seams to the ribbed cuffs and neckline and finally to the ultra-soft cotton blend.

So confident is Mr. Cridland in the enduring quality of his work that he’s slapped a 30-year guarantee on it, and in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with it he will pay for repairs and shipping for you! This is a piece that belongs in every man’s wardrobe – it is simply a perfected essential.

They Last Forever! 7 Game-Changing Gifts For Men |

The Shiny Gift

Jewellery and Christmas sometimes seem synonymous. But it can be really hard to find something as lasting and meaningful as it is nice and shiny. This is just one of the reasons we’ve all fallen for our first jewellery brand, Joy Everley. Her pieces combine flawless craftsmanship and design with sustainable integrity. This cuff uses high-quality sterling silver and comes with a lifetime guarantee. To make it an extra special and personalised gift, why not engrave a message or a monogram?

They Last Forever! 7 Game-Changing Gifts For Men |

The Little Gift

Christmas socks, you say? Surely no one gives socks anymore? Well definitely not the cheap, novelty kind. But these are definitely not those. Darn Tough are firm favourites of ours and many of you agree. Socks go through a lot each day, and it’s insanely rare to find any that will last you a year let alone any longer. Darn Tough socks are made from the highest quality merino wool with a dense loop count, making each sock incredibly durable and resistant to wear. Perfect for keeping toes warm and dry on those frosty winter walks. Guaranteed for life, just don’t let him lose them!

They Last Forever! 7 Game-Changing Gifts For Men |

The Ultimate Gift

Read on if you’re in the market for a show-stopping, jaw-dropping gift for someone insanely special to you.

Shinola watches are all made in Detroit, Michigan, and only from the finest materials available like sapphire crystal. The designs have innate style and feature considered and perfected function. We’ve chosen the Runwell 47mm case; the rounded case construction is distinguished and masculine.

These watches do not simply showcase exquisite craftsmanship, they also have serious longevity credentials. Shinola guarantee every watch for life. You might not believe it, but this is an incredibly rare guarantee in the world of watches – even among the well-known Swiss-made brands. What’s more, the guarantee covers almost everything including the movement, so you can rest assured that Shinola’s quality is backed up. This watch is an heirloom in the making.

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