Paring Knife, Large


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This large paring knife has been handmade by one of South Korea’s most highly esteemed blacksmiths: Master Shin. This carbon steel blade is one of the sharpest, most wear-resistant knives you’ll ever have in your kitchen.

  • Blade forged from hardened carbon steel, rich in manganese resulting in incredible strength
  • Each blade is hammered a thousand times to achieve a thin, sharp edge
  • Handle made from chestnut or oakwood, slowly dried in sunlight to achieve the correct weight, stability and water resistance
  • Unique ‘X’ branding technique “dang ghi” used around the wooden handle - a trademark reserved for traditionally made, high quality knives in Korea
  • Made in Anseong, South Korea
  • This knife won’t require sharpening before  2-3 years of regular use, after which it should be sharpened on a whetstone
  • Avoid use on hard surfaces
  • To prevent tarnishing, clean and dry thoroughly after every use
  • To store, dry and lightly oil the surface


Originating from one of South Korea’s oldest blacksmith families dating back to 1845, Master Shin In-young handcrafts knives designed to last for decades to come. By using a unique method of hammering the carbon steel a thousand times, Master Shin is able to achieve the meticulously sharp edges he’s known for. The steel used is sourced from repurposed railroad track, creating the optimum strength and durability needed in the kitchen - whether you’re  a home cook or professional chef. Unleash your culinary creativity with these buy-for-life knives.

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