FOR YOU – Because you need to know that the products you invest in won’t let you down.
FOR YOUR WALLET – Because we can’t afford to buy cheap things that break over and over again.
FOR OUR PLANET – Because we only have one. Buying short-term items means landfill and pollution.

Join the Revolution

Join the revolution!

We see ourselves as so much more than a shop that sells long-lasting things. We’re a movement, we’re here to stay and we’re here to change the world and how people shop forever. We’re always looking for passionate volunteers who can help us on our mission! Can you:

  • Suggest new categories or products for BuyMeOnce to explore?
  • Write guest articles or blog posts for us to share with the world?
  • Help us expand globally by spreading the word?

Get in touch if you think you can help us and join the BuyMeOnce Revolution! Send us an email with the subject line ‘I’m In’ to

If you’re interested in being a guest blogger, email us using the subject line ‘Contributor’ to

So what’s our ultimate goal?


We’re doing this by…

  • Going global to speak to as many people as possible and finding a huge range of the best products available
  • Challenging manufacturers and campaigning for more environmentally responsible, long-lasting products
  • Launching a BuyMeOnce award stamp (similar to a Fairtrade symbol but for longevity)

And how do we choose these products?


We have formulated five questions which help us sort out the sustainable from the shoddy.

  • Do the materials and craftsmanship make this product more durable than its competitors?
  • Do the reviews of the product confirm its durability?
  • Is it made ethically and if possible is it made of sustainable materials?
  • Is this product timeless?
  • Does the manufacturer offer any aftercare? We love “no quibble” or full lifetime warranties!

The Story So Far

BuyMeOnce Founder and CEO, Tara Button

Up until 2016, I was working in advertising. But I became uncomfortable in a job that pushed people to buy things they didn’t necessarily want or need. On my 30th birthday, I was given a Le Creuset cooking pot by my dear sister, Juliet. Le Creuset are known for their hardy heirloom cookware, and every time I used this pot, I thought, If only all my possessions were like this, I’d never have to replace anything. I could trust everything I bought not to let me down and end up as landfill. Think of the environmental benefits!

The idea stalked me for months until finally (despite having close to zero technical ability) I gave in and started building a basic website. Suddenly, my free time consisted of squinting at warranty fine print and trying to work out why most kettles die within five years.

In January 2016, a journalist found BuyMeOnce on Twitter and pitched a story to The Telegraph. Over the next few days, the article went viral and my world (and inbox) exploded. I was able to quit my job and commit to spreading the BuyMeOnce message globally.

Since then we’ve become an amazing team of eight, all passionate about the BuyMeOnce mission. I’ve even hired my old boss to help me run the business, which is surreal and very awesome.

One of the most exciting news to date is my book deal with HarperCollins UK. I’ll be writing a book all about the BuyMeOnce philosophy and lifestyle. Watch out for it in Spring 2018!


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