Olivia Premium Tights

Olivia Premium Tights

$25.00 - $27.00
The Olivia Premium Black tights are elegant and eco-friendly, made purely from recycled yarns and elastane. They were crafted using quality materials and 3D technology to make them tough and durable as well as beautiful. Warm, soft and ultra-comfortable with a broad waistband, Olivia Black tights are a great addition to any winter wardrobe.

Why Swedish Stockings?

2 billion pairs of tights are produced, worn a few times, and discarded every year. Landfills are bursting with poorly made and cheap non-biodegradable textiles. Swedish Stockings is changing all that.

Their top-of-the-line, sustainable tights are leading the charge against the wasteful and harmful practices of the nylon industry. Watch the video to find out more about this game-changing brand.

highest quality

Swedish Stockings make tights that last. Their unique 3D flat seam knitting technology allows them to craft tights that are far more durable than leading high-street competitors. Reinforced toes lend extra stability to a common problem area, and a broader waistband provides a more comfortable fit. 


All Swedish Stockings tights are crafted from 76-97% recycled content. They use pre and post-consumer waste from the nylon industry and supplement the remainder with elastane. They’re also the first tights company seeking to close the loop on their production practices; you can return any torn or laddered hosiery to Swedish Stockings as part of their recycling club. These used tights are then used as filler material in hard wearing fiberglass tanks.

olivia premium tights

Wave goodbye to ladders and snags.
Swedish Stockings tights are the most eco-friendly durable tights brand on the market. 

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ethical production

Every pair of tights are knit, packaged in and distributed from Swedish Stockings zero-waste factory in Italy. The factory not only has high ethical, social, and environmental standards, but their entire production is also powered by solar and wind energy. Vegan dyes are used to color their products and the water is then purified and reused in other areas of manufacture.


Swedish Stockings are the most affordable ethical tights available. If taken care of, one pair of these durable stockings will last you years and save you hundreds of dollars. Don’t waste money on inferior brands whose tights fall apart at the end of the first day; invest in a pair of Swedish Stockings and love them for life.

customer reviews

olivia tights


I was a bit hesitant to spend $20 on 1 pair of tights, but whilst trying to do my bit for the environment and also find something that fitted and was comfortable, I went for it.

The first time I put them on, I didn't think they would fit, but a bit of stretching and they fit perfectly. I love the wide band, so you're not being chopped in half. They are supportive and hold me in where I need it. I was also someone that would wash tights after one wash, but I followed their instructions and only hand washed after a week of wearing and I was surprised that they felt fresh everyday. 

I am pleased with my purchase and will be recommending.

Alma tights


Really happy with my purchase. I got two of the Swedish company tights and they look and feel really nice. 

alice tights


These are the most comfortable tights, ever.


Swedish Stockings tights are a revolution in sustainable hosiery design.
Get yours today and help us change the tights industry for good.

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stockings care

No tights are bulletproof. So even though Swedish Stockings creates the highest quality products, the very nature of stockings makes them a delicate item and they need to be treated as such. Here are a few tips to help you keep wearing your tights for years.

choose the right size

The sizing guide will help you find the right fit, meaning the tights won't be overstretched or hang loosely and become vulnerable to snags. If you're in between sizes, go up a size. 

Give them a stretch

Stretch them the first time you wear them. Gently pre-stretching the tights helps get the yarn ready and mobile to conform to the body and will promote a longer life.

scrunch up, one leg at a time

Tights need to be put on delicately. Bunch or scrunch one leg together and put one foot in, pull the tight up to your knee, and repeat with the other leg. Doing this will leave enough yarn to fit over the rest of your legs and spread it evenly over your body.

wear with care

All tights, even the most durable, require proper care and attention. Make sure your nails and toenails are clipped and filed smooth, avoid touching your legs if you're wearing sharp jewelry, and avoid unnecessary friction. You can also wear socks under tights to reinforce the toes even more.

only wash every 5 wears

Save money, time, and the environment by washing your tights only when needed. Hand-washing in cold water or in a machine on a delicate cycle at 30°C only every 5-6 wears will ensure longevity. Never wash tights with any clothing that they can snag on, such as zippers, hooks, clasps, or anything heavy duty.

avoid softeners and the dryer

Fabric softeners are best avoided because they can damage the elastane, and tights retain their fit and shape best by air drying. In between washes, spot cleaning is a great option to keep tights looking fresh.