Save the Oceans

Turn the tide on unnecessary plastic polluting our oceans

We’ve heard news stories of beached whales dying with 88 pounds of plastic found in their stomachs, of deep sea life entrenched with microplastics, and even tests that indicate our beer and bottled water are contaminated with it. Plastic is indeed everywhere. The Ocean Conservancy estimates that 8 million metric tons enter the ocean every year, and with plastic production expected to double over the next decade, the time is now to help reverse it, or abate the problem by using plastic-free alternatives.

This edit features innovative products that radically reduce the amount of plastic potentially entering our waterways and upcycled products made out of waste, thus eliminating the need for ‘virgin’ plastic production. From a washing bag that reduces microfibers entering our waterways, to stockings made out of pre and post-consumer nylon waste, this collection will hopefully turn the tide against the war on plastic (pun intended), and help save our oceans.

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Thomas Clipper

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 2 billion disposable razors end up in landfill in the USA alone because they cannot be recycled and can potentially enter our oceans. We love that Thomas Clipper, with their range of heirloom-quality safety razors, are helping the war against plastic pollution.

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