The Long-Haul Travel Essentials Edit

A practical collection of sustainable staples for your long-haul adventures.

In collaboration with Leotie Lovely.

Holly Rose Says

I’ve done more than my fair share of long-haul travel, and since embarking on my journey into eco and ethical living, I’ve discovered how unsustainable and wasteful most of the products we use are.

This summer, I spent one month travelling over seven countries in Europe by train to help reduce my impact on the planet as I move around for work or wanders. As I embarked on my latest journey, I noticed how much of my travel kit has morphed to match my morals of mindfulness, complete with practical tools to help me minimize my waste. While I don’t encourage replacing items you already have with new ones, I do think it is helpful to have a lineup of practical, durable items which will help you stay cozy or reduce your waste while you travel or in everyday life.

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Featured Brand: Eagle Creek

Made with the intention of being all you need in one, these bags expand to double their size while also offering zip away straps for when wheeling a bag gets weird. To top all that off, they come with a lifetime guarantee, making them clever, cute and practical long-term partners.

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