New Year, True You

It’s the same story every year: we all resolve to do better, to be better, to make wiser choices for our health, our relationships and ourselves. But what if we took a step back and recognized that we’re brilliant human beings just the way we are? What if, instead of seeing all the problems we need to fix, we focused on how far we’ve come in life and choose to be kinder to ourselves?

This year, let’s resolve to be our true selves and set goals that help us be the amazing person we are in this moment. The products we’ve curated for this edit will support you in achieving your goals for 2019, whether that be challenging your activity levels, tuning into your true tastes and desires or nourishing your body with vibrant and healthy meals. We guarantee there’s a little something here for you to remind yourself that it’s great to be you.

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Featured Brand: Starseeds Activewear

Kick your fitness goals in the butt while looking super stylish. Starseeds pride themselves on ‘urban-to-workout’ pieces. Although the pieces are designed with yoga and exercise in mind, they are also intended to be styled alongside your other wardrobe favourites as part of a well-loved, versatile wardrobe. Don’t be fooled though – Starseeds activewear is also functional, meticulously designed for durability, flexibility and incredible comfort.

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