The Winter Capsule Edit

Cozy, high quality clothing perfect for your winter capsule.

Winter is Here

There’s no denying it, daylight hours are becoming limited and temperatures are plummeting; fall is long gone and it’s time to make sure your sartorial choices are up to the challenge. Winter clothes need to work hard for you – invest well and your wardrobe will protect you from the elements, keep you cozy and help you feel nurtured while nature does her worst. Our winter capsule wardrobe does just that; the blend of incredible fabrics and textures won’t fail to keep you snuggly lifting your mood as well as keeping you warm and dry. You can be confident that these pieces can be relied upon year after year.

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Featured Brand: Lemuel MC

Lemel MC makes gorgeous winter layering pieces from linen deadstock that would otherwise go to landfill. Linen is not just for summer; substantial, breathable and comfortable. Each garment is beautifully crafted by skilled seamstresses in London and made to last.

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