The Zero Waste Week Edit

Celebrate Zero Waste Week and keep items out of landfill with these wonderful waste-free alternatives.

Cut The Crap

Zero Waste Week is finally here! The grassroots campaign, which started in the UK and has since spread around the world, aims to highlight waste reduction by reusing, recycling and repurposing material for a longer life.

Here at BuyMeOnce, we’re all about helping you invest in products that will keep unnecessary waste from the landfill. We’ve got reusable bamboo towels, beeswax food wraps and even pens that don’t run out of ink. On top of that, we also carry products made from waste. From leggings made out of used coffee grounds to stockings darned from recycled yarns and cossies made out of old fishing nets, companies are waking up to the zero waste cause. Be an active participant by being a smarter consumer and help spread the word about Zero Waste Week!

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Featured Brand: Swedish Stockings

Sustainable hosiery is not a term you often hear, but Swedish Stockings have managed it by turning recycled yarn into beautiful and ultra durable hosiery. Their commitment to the zero waste movement is stellar, with factories handpicked purely for their high environmental standards and zero waste policies. To top it all off, Swedish Stockings encourage their customers to send back their old stockings for recycling, diverting them from landfill.

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