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Boxwood Singing Round Point 6/8 Straight Razor


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Thiers-Issard was founded in 1884 by Pierre Thiers, an extraordinarily skillful blacksmith from a rich familial lineage in the Auvergne region of central France. Each blade comes with a time-honoured lifetime guarantee, a guarantee that most customers will never need to think about. The heritage quality in every forged steel blade makes Thiers-Issard the ultimate in long-lasting luxury razors, for the closest shave on the market.

This straight razor has a 100% carbon steel blade with satin polish on both sides. The blade features the “Rasoir Francais Evide Sonnant Extra Garanti” electro-chemical etching in black and is a fully hollowed round point. The tang has anti-slip knurling on the lower side and a Thiers Issard stamp. The scales are natural Boxwood. Supplied factory shave ready in a black sheeps leather pouch.

Master the skill, and take a step back in time with Thiers.


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