30cm Aus-Ion Satin Wok


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Innovative to their core, the Solidteknics team have evolved the low carbon steel AUS-ION range with a shot blasting or peening treatment; thousands of tiny steel balls are fired at the surface to create a hammered texture. This texture anchors the seasoning and gives the pan a long-lasting, natural non-stick. The new range blends the inherent non-stick quality of cast iron with the lightweight ease of formed iron.

  • Dual handle sauteuse pan or wok ideal for stir frying or sauteing 
  • Made from 2.5mm thick formed iron (low carbon steel) for even heating, shot blasted for consistent, satin-finish non-stick 
  • Handle engraved with ‘Satin Edition’ and metal cutting date adding craftsmanship provenance 
  • Length 45cm, width 30cm, height of bowl 8cm 
  • 1.3 kg – lighter weight for added ease 
  • Pre-seasoned in rice bran oil and ready to cook


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