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SunGod sunglasses are the most durable sunnies on the market and come with an incredible lifetime guarantee.

Made with unique memory polymer, these babies flex back into shape if bent so they’re ideal for every extreme outdoorsy activity you can think of. And because they come in a classic aviator style, with a beautiful range of customisable colours, they work just as perfectly when lounging around by the pool as they do for climbing Mount Everest.

With SunGod, not only are you getting a fantastic pair of sunglasses, you are also investing in peace of mind. How many pairs have you sat on in your lifetime? It happens, even to the most cautious. But relax because these sunnies are extremely strong. And if they do break, or if you break them, SunGod will replace your Renegades for free. The only thing you need to worry about is losing them — that’s not covered by the lifetime guarantee. Nor is a lens scratch or general wear, but because the lenses are replaceable you can easily refresh these shades or update your look even after years of use.

With a pair of SunGod Renegades on your face, there is no need to keep buying a new pair every year. Huge savings for you in the long run and less cheap plastic in the landfill.


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