Besma believes an ethical lifestyle is about being aware of and kind to yourself, others and the planet – topics she tackles with elegance and honesty on her blog Curiously Conscious. A writer at heart, she hopes her posts will make you think twice about what you buy, how you eat or how you decorate your home.

What inspired you to start Curiously Conscious?
I’ve always loved writing, starting my very own MySpace blog when I was 14! Really, it was when I was living in Paris as part of my degree and discovering better ways to live – from eating organic veg to bringing my own bag to the shop – that I started Curiously Conscious. It’s all evolved from there! 

Which post on your blog most encapsulates your values and why?
That’s a tricky one! My blog is “constantly new,” with a new post every day or two, so it would have to be the What is an ethical lifestyle? section on my about page curiously conscious blogger spotlight second-hand knitwear

Which post do you wish could reach the biggest audience and why?
At the moment, that would be my Ethical Inspiration Interview series because I’m speaking to some great people I’d like everyone to know and follow!

What’s your biggest challenge in pursuing your mission?
While it’s getting easier and easier, being ethical takes quite a bit of research. I have to check every brand I work with and make sure they fit my values so I know they’ll be a hit with my readers too! 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
How much of an impact we all have! We all can make a difference, whether it’s by buying fairly made items, eating a healthy meal or just having a loving phone call with a family member. We’re all part of a big network, and every positive step you take makes ripples around you. 

Share a couple of your favourite blogs. Why do you like them?
At the moment I have a total of 44 blogs saved in my bookmark… so this is a hard one! I’m a big The Anna Edit fan the little designer in me loves Swiss Miss and for all things ethical I’ve curated a directory. curiously conscious blogger matt and nat bag

Can you tell us about a product you’ve owned forever and why it’s important to you?
Brilliant question! I would have to say my Matt + Nat Orwell Bag – it’s the first ethical fashion purchase I made, and it’s still going strong. 

What is important to you when you’re buying clothing and items for the home?
I want each piece to tell a positive story. I find it hard to find truly perfect items (natural materials, transparent production, fair price) so instead I find a good option. I could walk you through my house/wardrobe and tell you something about each piece! 

Can you tell us about the last time something broke and disappointed you?
I don’t tend to buy a lot and when I do I invest. I think perhaps my vegan leather walking boots that I got from Trespass, which were great for rural countryside walks, but I took them camping this year and found out they weren’t waterproof at all! Cue having soggy feet for my first 24 hours before buying second-hand wellies in a little charity shop!

What vision do you have for Curiously Conscious for the future?
Having just gone full-time, I would love to really grow the blog now. It’s amazing how far it’s gone from working on it on nights and weekends only, so let’s see what I can do with 35+ hours a week at my disposal now! 

What do you love most about what you do and what drives you to keep going at it?
I love to write. I could honestly do it all day, every day. I wrote a book when I was 14 years old and 10 years later, I’m practically doing the same on my blog, one page at a time!