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Manduka Activewear | BuyMeOnce

Manduka Yogawear

Premium quality meets comfort

Team BuyMeOnce were already fans of Manduka thanks to their lifetime guaranteed yoga mats. Their activewear obeys the same core principles, the result is a resounding success.

Manduka offers men’s and women’s collections; primarily designed for yoga, they’re just as fitting for a smorgasbord of sport.

Articles & Tips

Head to Head: BuyMeOnce puts the best knife brands to the test | BuyMeOnce

BuyMeOnce puts the best knife brands to the test

Including Wusthof and Global, we take a closer look at the sharpest tools in the box.

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5 Winter Capsule Wardrobe Staples (for Men and Women) | BuyMeOnce

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We uncover 5 winter items that have it all on durability – without sacrificing style.

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The rise of ‘buy me once’ shopping.

“Every time I [Tara Button] read something about the environment, I would get this guilty feeling that I wasn’t doing anything.”


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“In early January, several UK newspaper articles featuring BuyMeOnce brought 700,000 visitors within six weeks.”


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“The site is called BuyMeOnce. I’m in love, and I think the site and its mission are incredibly important.”


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