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BuyMeOnce's Story | buymeonce.com

Our Story

BuyMeOnce's Story | buymeonce.com

BuyMeOnce is sick of badly made products. You probably are too. And yet most consumer goods are built to break. It’s a waste of resources, money and time. It’s called planned obsolescence. And we want to fight it.

We try to do that by finding the longest-lasting version of everything. Whether that product might be manufactured by a big corporation, or by a punchy upstart like us, we help give those products an audience. We’re campaigning for a law forcing manufacturers to indicate product lifespan before purchase, and our ultimate goal is to force a change within our throwaway culture.

BuyMeOnce is the brainchild of Tara Button, a former spendthrift and ad executive. Sick and tired of promoting crap, she was convinced there must be a better way. When she received a Le Creuset cooking pot from her sister for her 30th birthday in 2013, a light bulb went off. The brand – known for its commitment to crafting heirloom cookware – planted the seed that launched a movement. Buying for life became her new mantra, and she dedicated the next three years to building a website that stocked the longest-lasting products in the world.

A fluke Telegraph article launched BuyMeOnce in January 2016 and the idea spread like wildfire, appearing across national UK press and going viral on social media. As attention grew, so did BuyMeOnce: an idea became a company. Tara formed an intrepid team of researchers to find the world’s finest products and the number of products on the site exploded.

We’re still a young company and a small team, so we’re delighted to have already made an international splash. It was an honour to be named one of 2017’s most disruptive companies by Real Business. If we exist for one reason, it is to disrupt the complacent and wasteful business practices ruling the planet.

How We Choose Our Products

BuyMeOnce's Story | buymeonce.com
BuyMeOnce's Story | buymeonce.com

To date, BuyMeOnce has found over 2000 items that we deem special enough to put our stamp on, but our code of ethics hasn’t changed since we started out. We choose the longest-lasting products in the world. No company can pay to be on the site. We work research first, money second. If we can’t make money from a BuyMeOnce item, we’ll still promote it.

How BuyMeOnce chooses long-lasting products | buymeonce.com

If you think your product fits the bill, please get in touch. We'd love to help you get your story and products out there.