About Us

BuyMeOnce's Story | buymeonce.com Buying to Last: Back to a Bygone Era, New York Times

We’ve had enough of products which are built to break. 

Things which used to be investment purchases lasting 20 years or more have now become throwaway items. Electronics, clothes, furniture - the stuff we buy just doesn’t seem to last any more, generating waste on a huge scale.

This is no accident: these products have been designed to be short-lived, in order to keep you coming back. It’s called planned obsolescence, and it’s costing you and the environment. 

BuyMeOnce is taking a stand

We’re demanding longer-lasting products, better guarantees and responsible manufacturing. By offering only the most long-lived products out there, we want to empower consumers to buy less, and buy better. 

A birthday present gave our founder the idea!

BuyMeOnce was founded by former ad executive Tara Button. When she received a Le Creuset cast iron pot for her birthday, she realized something - she’d never have to buy another one. This was a beautifully-made, solid product covered by a lifetime warranty: a true buy-for-life item.

Buying for life became Tara’s mantra. She wrote the book on it, in fact: A Life Less Throwaway. With a small, intrepid team of researchers behind her, Tara created BuyMeOnce: the destination store to find the longest-lasting products on the planet.

We’ve brought our idea of long-lasting goods around the world

We’ve gone viral with stories in The New York Times and Vogue, and BuyMeOnce was named one of 2017’s most disruptive companies by Real Business.

Today, BuyMeOnce attracts customers from around the globe. We have close to 2000 products in our store, and every single one of them has been independently researched and tested by us for quality.  

We are more than a shop - we’re a movement, and we’re here to stay.

Love things that last. 

How We Choose Our Products

BuyMeOnce's Story | buymeonce.com

To date, BuyMeOnce has found over 2000 items that we deem special enough to put our stamp on, but our code of ethics hasn’t changed since we started out. We choose the longest-lasting products in the world. No company can pay to be on the site. We work research first, money second. If we can’t make money from a BuyMeOnce item, we’ll still promote it.

How BuyMeOnce chooses long-lasting products | buymeonce.com

If you think your product fits the bill, please get in touch. We'd love to help you get your story and products out there.