Green Friday Friends: How BuyMeOnce is Fighting the Black Friday Frenzy

Green Friday Friends: How BuyMeOnce is Fighting the Black Friday Frenzy

Posted By Georgie Crosswell

Use our hashtag #GreenFridayFriends to get involved on 23 November.

What's wrong with Black Friday?

BuyMeOnce is all for taking advantage of sales to purchase things we really need, but Black Friday Weekend is a different beast altogether. Since it began in the early 1950’s, the weekend has marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season and become synonymous with a temporary insanity. For this weekend people aren’t their usual rational selves but discount-hungry zombies, too busy stampeding supermarkets and fighting over the last flat screen TV in a picked-clean electronics aisle to think carefully about their purchases and the waste left behind.

This might be the extreme end of the scale, but at its core Black Friday is still all about exploiting consumers by encouraging people to switch off their rational shopping filters. It’s this impulsive attitude we’re fighting back against.


How are we fighting back?

Instead of profiting from sales across the weekend, we will be using the day to spread a message of calm, conscious consumerism. We’ve rounded up lots of ethical, sustainable brands like ourselves who want shoppers to buy well and buy mindfully and banded together to become Green Friday Friends.

We will be opting out of the madness and donating 100% of our profits to a charity close to our hearts. All participating brands (you can see a full list here) will be donating a portion of their profits to either this charity or to a sustainable charity of their choice. We’d love for you to join us on the 23rd November by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #GreenFridayFriends. You can also take part by thinking carefully before taking advantage of any Black Friday sales – because a bargain is not a bargain if the thing brings no value to your life.

What Charity are we donating to?

This year we will be donating 100% of our profits to a French NGO called HOP, short for Halte L’Obsolescence Programme (Stop Planned Obsolescence). Planned obsolescence is defined as a practice where manufacturers purposefully build their products to break so that consumers are forced to replace them. This model is not only incredibly frustrating and unfair for consumers (often the victims of planned obsolescence are those with less money to begin with) but it also promotes countless environmental, social and economic problems.

In just 3 years, HOP have managed to file the first two lawsuits ever for planned obsolescence in printers and smartphones. They’re conducting investigations into different products such as printers and tights whilst encouraging public policies for better durability and repairs. They’ve gathered a community of over 35,000 people, mobilised citizens and engaged with decision makers to extend the life cycle of products whilst promoting reusing, repairing and recycling. Thanks to HOP, the French government will enforce a repairable label which will be made mandatory on electrical and electronic products by 2020.

We think they’re doing incredible work and that they’re the perfect partners to help spread our message of conscious shopping. We hope you’ll join us on the 23rd November to spread the #GreenFridayFriends message and help us bring a new narrative to Black Friday.


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