Christmas is coming and gift buying stress is building. There are parties to go to, family members to visit, crowds of shoppers to fight through and that gap under the Christmas tree begs you to find her that perfect present. Gift buying doesn’t have to be super stressful – BuyMeOnce is here to help. We’ve made a list and there’s no need to check it twice because all the things here are nice. Everything in this gift guide is beautifully designed and will last for life.

Words: Christy Ku
9 Endearing & Enduring Gifts for Her |


It was very hard to choose just a few pieces from the gorgeous Joy Everley jewellery collection, but this sterling silver bracelet is one of the most popular choices. It’s timeless, elegant and a little quirky – the link resembles a row of little seeds. Want this bracelet to be more personal? Choose a small silver charm to be attached at the clasp – maybe there’s a significant symbol for your significant other? You can view our entire Joy Everley line here.


These gorgeous scarves from Banda are made using virgin lambswool – the tippy top of the lamb’s wool gathered from the lamb’s first haircut. This makes the scarf super soft, light, water repellent and cosy. It’s wonderfully made and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so give her a snuggly gift that’ll be with her every winter.

9 Endearing & Enduring Gifts for Her |


EcoTools brushes are wonderfully soft and ethical. These brushes are 100% cruelty-free, made of bamboo and recycled aluminium and everything is packaged in either reusable or recycled packaging. The 6-Piece Bamboo Starter Set comes with a concealer brush, blush brush, eye shading brush, angled eyeliner brush, lash and brow groomer and a cotton cosmetic bag to store her new kit.


This umbrella is a gift that they will love on Christmas Day and on the most difficult rainy days throughout the year. Davek umbrellas are in a whole new league. They’re made with steel and fiberglass reinforced frames and feature a 190-thread count canopy that’s built for durability and can easily weather any storm. Also, they come in a range of bright colors to bring some sunshine on those dark days!


A little black dress is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe, so get her a dress she can wear again and again. The Marie Hell dress can be dressed up and down to fit almost any occasion. Don’t worry if the dress ever breaks or fails unexpectedly – just take it to your local tailor and Marie Hell will pay $30 towards the fixing!


These speakers are simple but ingenious. They amplify the sound from your smartphone or tablet to two or three times the original volume. Bamboombox speakers are simple with no tricky electrical components to go wrong, and it’s tough, able to withstand any accidental knocks to the ground. It’ll make a wonderfully quirky yet natural decoration for her room.


How about a pen that’s been tested and used by NASA? Fisher space pens are handcrafted in the USA and are able to write underwater, over grease, at any angle and in zero gravity. Fisher even claims their Infinium pen line will write for the user’s entire lifetime! Perfect for the writer in your life who can’t be stopped.


Isn’t this tiny pineapple adorable? This is another bestseller from the Joy Everley collection; pineapples are a symbol of friendship and welcome – the perfect message in this Christmas period. It’s a perfectly pretty present and as sweet as the fruit! Both the chain and the pineapple are solid 9 carat gold.

For the Organizer

Is her makeup always all over the place? Does she travel a lot and need something to store her beauty products? This pretty floral makeup bag from Bella and Bear can keep her war paint organized and serve as a travel-friendly washbag. Leather backed with a layer of polyurethane, it’s water resistant and easy to clean.

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