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Here in the US we are undoubtedly dedicated to our pets. Last year the US splashed out a staggering $60 Billion on our beloved cats, dogs and goldfishes. This figure doesn’t merely show our unswerving commitment to keeping our pets happy, it also highlights that our Fidos and Whiskers are lending to the throwaway, consumer habits of their owners. Now that pets are being classed as a danger to our environment, animal lovers have a duty to get their beloved pet’s image back on track. At BuyMeOnce we believe that the answer lies in buying products that will last a lifetime – a mean feat for pet products – so we’ve rounded up the best in the business to help you on the path to becoming a sustainable pet owner. 



It goes without saying that collars and leads are a must-have for pet owners so why not buy products that will last forever? Lupine and Kurgo are the leading manufacturers of durable pet products. We’ve found collars and leads with impressive lifetime guarantees to ensure that your pet stays safe and sustainable for its whole life.

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This collar ticks all the boxes. Not only is it recycled from plastic bottles, but it is also incredibly durable as it is made using the highest quality hardware components. What’s more is that you can get a replacement collar for free if your pesky hound manages to break this virtually indestructible number.

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Collars aren’t just for dogs. Lupine’s cat collar range is great all round, but the safety collars are our favourites because they’re traditional and calamity free. The safety buckle releases under 4lbs of pressure so owners can rest assured that their cat won’t get up to any mischief. Made from the same material as hiking gear, your cat will have a tough time doing any damage.

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This versatile lead is truly the jack of all trades. There are six ways you can style it so whether you’re going for an intense hike and want to go hands-free or taking a slow stroll through a park you can find a style to suit your needs. There’s a padded handle for comfort and you get the option to choose reflective nylon. This lead never goes out of style, which is handy considering it will last forever.


Our pets love nothing more than a toy. Their favourite toys are usually very beloved because of their familiar smell so when these old favourites end-up in the bin soon after they are bought, our pets are left disappointed. BuyMeOnce products, on the other hand, are made to last and we have found the best toys that are guaranteed to withstand hours of rigorous play.

Pet Products for Life (Not Just for Christmas) |


It has been proven time and time again that Kong is truly the king of durable dog toys. This product first came about when the founder, Joe Markman, discovered that his dog Fritz loved playing with tough rubber tyres. The Kong Classic stands up to your dog’s sharp incisors and is a great choice for large dog owners who find themselves in a vicious circle of constant dog toy re-buying. The special rubber used by Kong proves to be even more impenetrable than the tyres Joe was inspired by.

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Like Kong, GoughNuts make virtually indestructible dog toys. They are designed by mechanical and polymer engineers so you know you’re getting the best quality. If your pet manages to outwit the designer and chew through the carbon reinforced natural rubber to the inner red layer (which would make for an incredibly tough dog), GoughNuts will replace the toy for free.

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The Feline Tree House By Hammacher Schlemmer

Standing at a whisker over six feet tall, this feline Waldorf will dwarf pretty much any other pet toy you’ll find. Hammacher Schlemmer have painstakingly constructed this kitty Ritz using only mature, sustainably forested dragonwood from Georgian and Floridian forests. They say each palace requires more than 100 individual cuts and 16 hours to build, but that rigorous quality doesn’t kill the character of the wood – it’s left in its gnarled, barky, natural state. And to top it all off it’s covered by a lifetime guarantee. 

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Cat Lounger & Scratcher By PetFusion

This one is pretty special. The perfect shape to entice your furry friends in, one piece doubles as a fantastic scratching pad and a perfect place to lounge in the midday sun. Perhaps surprisingly, this is made out of 100% recycled corrugated cardboard – but it’s actually a brilliant idea to keep the cats interested. Cats do just love cardboard – there’s a reason they’re always clambering into your parcel boxes at the first opportunity. One of the best reviewed items we’ve ever come across, and definitely worth a second look.


On average dog owners spend up to £200 a year on the latest pet fashions to grace the catwalk. Here at BuyMeOnce, we believe that your pet’s natural beauty is what’s important and we’ve come up with two great grooming products that last a lifetime and are cherished by grooming insiders worldwide. So instead of spending money on t-shirts, and even shoes, for your pet, invest in your furry friend’s glorious mane instead.

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Kissaki scissors are the best in the business so it’s no surprise that dog groomers throughout the world use the Nagasa Dog Grooming Shears. The beauty really is in the detail when it comes to these snips and if you’re think that it’s a steep price to pay, think again. This pair are adjustable due to a click leaf spring adjustable knob, feature an offset grip for comfort and come with a care case. The most impressive feature is that they have a lifetime warranty so your pet can relax knowing that he or she will always have the most well crafted of haircuts.

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Mason Pearson hair brushes are loved throughout the world for their longevity and quality. At first glance, it’s perhaps surprising that these brushes are cherished amongst the top dogs in the pet show industry for creating champion worthy hairstyles. But why limit their usage to human hair? After all, one swipe and your dog or cat will have a shiny and smooth coat. All Mason Pearson brushes are made with durable nylon and cellulose plastic and are protected by a lifetime warranty. These brushes certainly are the best in show.

With these products, your pet will be as environmentally conscious as you. Sustainable pets are happier pets with lifelong toys and collars that they can chew on and claw at to their heart’s content.

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August 12, 2016 — Amanda Saxby