To echo Manduka’s own sentiment, does the world really need another line of yoga apparel? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, around 15 million tonnes of used textile waste is produced in the US each year, about ten of which end up in landfill. An astounding statistic. Manduka makes it their mission to combat waste by crafting products that not only perform brilliantly in the yoga studio and beyond, but that are truly made to last. So yes, we would argue that the planet does need Manduka and many more brands like it who offer us products with long-lasting function as well as desirable form, keeping unnecessary waste out of our land in the process.

Manduka Yoga Apparel |


Team BuyMeOnce are already fans of Manduka thanks to their lifetime guaranteed yoga mats; they’re firmly established and loved the world over by yogis from beginners to teachers. The brand was born from the simple belief that a high quality, well-made yoga mat would serve to enhance practice and the body in unison. The quality and longevity of these mats are unparalleled, backed up by an ironclad, lifetime guarantee. But what of their apparel offering?

Ever been seduced by a jazzy piece of sportswear only to be disappointed when, after a handful of wears later, you’ve noticed a little snag here and a hole threatening to expose you there? We feel your pain. No one needs to be distracted from achieving their goals by irritation or potential embarrassment. Enter Manduka, the brand of long-lasting and supportive activewear. There’s jazziness, if that’s what you look for in your activewear (I know I’m not alone), but if understated and elegant is more your thing, Manduka does that too.

Manduka offers men’s and women’s collections; the clothes are primarily designed for yoga practice (no zippers for maximum comfort) but they are perfect for a range of sports from running to rock climbing, such is the quality of the fabrics used and the construction of the clothes.

Manduka Yoga Apparel |

Manduka works with high performance, natural fibers like organic cotton and hemp where possible, and you’ll be comforted to find the eco stalwarts of Modal and Tencel too. The real heroes, though, are the recycled yarns. All Manduka’s recycled polyester is made from plastic bottles that have been reconstituted and woven into yarns that are soft and incredibly strong. The fabric is GRS certified – these products contain no less than 65% recycled content.

In terms of garment construction, look out for features like four-way stretch (found in the cross strap bra, daily short and essential legging) which ensures that pieces will hold their shape tirelessly while supporting your body in its efforts to achieve the perfect downward dog. Contoured waistbands and double layer gussets give comfort and hold clothes firmly in place, allowing you to focus confidently on your practice.

This is a brand who truly believe that to take care of yourself is to take care of the planet. Manduka is leading by example, using more sustainable methods to create better products that simply last longer. We wholeheartedly stand behind them in their mission.
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