The brilliance of Solidteknics will not have escaped most BuyMeOncers. We’ve told you about their professional chef quality, their ability to last your family several centuries (our favorite fun fact) and of course their perfected, considered design. What more could there possibly be to say about these meticulously engineered metal pans? A fair bit, it would seem!

For those among you who have yet to discover this awesome Aussie brand, allow us to introduce you.

Solidteknics is the brainchild of MJ Henry, founder, inventor and mechanical engineer dedicated to creating heirloom-quality pans and forging long-standing family cooking traditions along the way. The result is exquisite – pieces that blend form, function and durability. The dream.

The Quenched-Seasoned US-ION range is crafted from pure American wrought iron. These pans remain strikingly light, around half the weight of their cast-iron counterparts. Yet just like cast iron, it distributes heat extremely evenly and retains it well.


The usual side-effect of these qualities is a scorching hot pan handle. Not so with a Solidteknics pan. This issue is countered using pure design; vented necks effectively shed heat, extra-long handles further delay warmth, and indented grips make for a secure, natural hold.



If the fact that these pans are bona-fide heirloom contenders wasn’t enough, here are some more:

Their product is all natural – no synthetic materials are used at all. Not only is this better for our planet, but it’s also better for us humans too. Plus, such is the efficiency of natural non-stick, less oil is needed when cooking with a Solidteknics pan – great news for those of us who maintain a fairly consistent struggle with our waistlines.


You can cook with these bad boys pretty much wherever you want; any stove top source (including induction), oven, BBQ or open fire will do. Put these pans to the test – they can take it!

They tell us how to take care of the product. If you follow Solidteknics’ easy and detailed seasoning guidelines and their care instructions, these pans can and will go the distance. If your great, great, great grandchildren aren’t cooking up a Solidteknics storm in a couple of hundred years, it won’t be because of the pans.

Don’t just take our word for it though, chefs and cookery fans the world over share our enthusiasm. 


August 03, 2021 — BuyMeOnce USA