How exactly do we choose our products?

In order to ensure we are selling true long-lasting items of quality, we must be highly discerning. Our thorough, in-depth research takes us through a product’s design, construction and manufacture, so you can rest assured you’re buying something that will stand the test of time, from someone you can trust. We conduct rigorous research, question the manufacturer and test out samples, before discussing in-house the pros and cons of a product. Only once these steps have been taken do we consider launching a brand to our site. 

We are a small team of researchers, whose combined knowledge spans a wide range of product expertise. Our research is always independent - no company can pay to be on BuyMeOnce. We take on products from both established heritage names and innovative new brands championing product longevity.

There are six main considerations we take into account during our research process:


Quality materials

If a product is claiming to last a very long time, it has to be made of quality stuff. We look for materials that are a cut above the rest: strong, functional and resistant to wear and tear. For instance, our bestselling Solidteknics pans are made from wrought iron, which offers the same fantastic cooking experience as cast iron whilst being stronger and lighter.

Outstanding construction

Expert craftsmanship is essential to turning these quality materials into a great product. Our partners carefully consider all aspects of their product’s construction, excelling in durability when a lesser product would break or fail. Our Blunt umbrellas, for example, have a high-tension reinforced canopy for incredible strength in all weather.

Exceptional aftercare

We look for manufacturers who take product longevity seriously. Watertight guarantees and affordable repair services ensure your product can be fixed, replaced or refunded years down the line. Our Darn Tough socks, for instance, are covered by a no-quibble lifetime guarantee. Not all of our products come with guarantees, but because we have deemed them to be best in class, you can get in touch with BuyMeOnce about any product you’re unsatisfied with.

Timeless design

A product can be incredibly well-made, but if you fall out of love with it, it will get thrown away anyway. This is why we look for products that have timeless, classic designs, which won’t become dated and could even improve with age. Blackhorse Lane Ateliers’ raw denim jeans are a great example - this classic garment fades and shapes to your body over time, creating jeans unique to you.

Responsibly made

We love products which are made with people and the environment in mind. We require basic ethical manufacturing standards from all our partners, and celebrate those going the extra mile. For example, Elvis and Kresse accessories are made entirely in one factory from ultra-tough recycled British firehose, and 50% of all their profits are donated to charity. We also support organic and Fair Trade products, and love single-use swaps - but we look for durability first and foremost.

Innovative Design

We love finding designs which extend a product’s lifespan in innovative ways, beyond durability. Examples include kids’ shoes which can grow with a child, a cot that expands into a bed, or modular headphones that can be repaired or upgraded with ease. We know that products don’t only get thrown away because they break, and we want to approach this issue from all angles.


If you think you know of something that fits the bill, please get in touch! We’re always looking for new long-lasting products, from companies both big and small.


April 09, 2020 — Jasmine Vorley