This collection of linen bedsheets by scandinavian brand Finlayson is called the Jesus Range; it was consciously designed to be as durable as possible down to the tiniest detail. Intrigued by the name? Yes, we were too. In fact there’s a very good reason it’s called the Jesus Range and it’s linked directly to why this was an instant BuyMeOnce star product.

The Jesus Range

The thing that initially made our ears prick up was the 50 year warranty that comes with these pieces. A 50 year warranty is outstanding anyway, but for a textiles product, especially one that gets such heavy and constant use as your bed linen, it sounds almost inconceivable. However, as with many things in life, to see and feel it for yourself is to believe.

The Jesus Range: Scandinavian Bed Linen with a 50 Year Warranty |

Every piece from the Jesus Range is made from the same kind of linen material with twill binding that was used to make the Shroud of Turin, the supposed burial shroud of Christ, that has survived to the present day. If that doesn’t sound durable, then what does? If you find the idea of bedding inspired by a burial shroud a tad morbid, you’ll forget the second you snuggle into these soft, sumptuous sheets.

But the fabric is only part of the story. We love this bedding because every part of the design has been considered from a durability point of view. Every seam is reinforced. The care instructions are stitched right onto the fabric so that there is no annoying label to tear or fade and there are no fastenings at all. (Though this does mean the duvet is more likely to come out of its case, the thick fabric keeps it mostly in place during the night. The only two colours available are white and brown, classic colours that can be used interchangeably. There is simply nothing to go wrong; just metres of pure, smooth linen that gets softer with each wash.

The Jesus Range: Scandinavian Bed Linen with a 50 Year Warranty |

We love the beautiful simplicity of these sheets. Their clean, natural look works in just about any home from minimal, modern apartment to traditional farmhouse. The collection brings one of the oldest, most sustainable production methods into the present day with style and sophistication.


The company themselves have been around since the 1800s when they were one of the largest industrial enterprises in Scandinavia; they even switched on the first electric lights of Finland in their weaving hall.

Whilst quality has always been a primary concern, Finlayson has recently completely overhauled their business - they called it “soul searching” - and have emerged as a company strongly concerned with transparency, sustainability and ethics, the kind we are always proud to work with. They’ve even brought out a range of recycled products to market, such as towels made from recycled denim jeans and clothes pins made from recycled plastic.

We love that this company has the weight of history behind them but are also leaning into a sustainable future with relish; we’ll be keeping an eye on Finlayson’s future development - and of course, for more star products like the Jesus Range - with much interest.

May 30, 2018 — BuyMeOnce Admin