Mother’s Day is approaching fast, and the pressure to find a ‘good’ present can be stressful. But instead of gifting unwanted gifts (for the sake of it) that’ll end up in the local thrift store come next year, how about looking for something truly needed in their life? 

Whether you’re celebrating your mom, aunt, grandma, mother-in-law or simply the person who raised you, give them something they can cherish for years to come.

Here’s our guide of 12 long-lasting and high-quality gifts, that are just as thoughtful and extraordinary as they are. 

1. Ferah Handwoven Peshtemal, $50

Treat them to a beautiful, organic cotton peshtemal this Mother’s day. Ethically handwoven by a small team of family artisans, this stylish peshtemal is extremely versatile: perfect as a picnic rug, bed throw, hair wrap, towel, sarong or even a small table cloth. Made from 100% natural Turkish cotton and with a 20 year guarantee, it’s a practical gift that keeps on giving.

2. Joyce Wooden Sunglasses, $120

Style made sustainable? Sign us up. WearPanda have fused classic frame styles with innovative durable materials and the best polarized lenses made from recycled polycarbonates. The result? Eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo sunglasses - beautiful form start to finish.

3. Linen robe, $80 

This simple and luxurious dressing gown by Piglet In Bed will make them smile long after Mother’s day. Perfect for relaxing at home, this robe is made from a medium weight French linen, keeping her cool in summer and cozy in winter. Choose from our white or oatmeal colorway.

4. Moccamaster Select Coffee Machine, $369

A real treat for the mom who loves her morning coffee - change the game with this drip coffee machine from Technivorm. Easy to operate, quiet, and capable of producing a full carafe in just 4-6 minutes, it is a real pleasure. And the cherry on the cake? Every Moccamaster machine is covered by an industry-leading 5 year guarantee.

5. Reclaimed Fire Hose Wash Bag Large Wash Bag, $99

Give a gift with a story with this unique wash bag, by Elvis and Kresse. Handmade in Kent, UK, this upcycled bag is made from recycled British fire hose, making it tough, waterproof and unique: ideal for traveling or storing makeup.

6. Accelerate Ankle Socks, $16.95

If we’re ditching the expendable gifts, consider these seriously strong socks. An everyday item - one that we would usually throw away without batting an eyelid - is made exceptionally durable, with a Lifetime Guarantee to assure you of their quality.

7. Paris Pepper Mill, $50

We haven’t packed out this guide with kitchenware for a reason - moms deserve personal gifts for them to enjoy, not ones that create more work for them! But more than just an iconic workhorse, Peugeot’s salt and pepper mills give a timeless elegance to any kitchen, making sharing a meal with loved ones feel that bit more special.

8. Bed Linen Bundle, from $313

One for the interior lovers. These beautiful linen bedding sets by Piglet In Bed will make their bed a cozy haven they’ll love to wrap themselves up in. Creating a restful ambience like no other, this bedding gets softer and softer with every wash, improving with age. Choose from a large range of colorways.

9. Solidteknics Seasoned 7.5 inch Seamless Iron Skillet, $60

An investment Mother’s day gift - but one they’ll treasure forever - is our Solidteknics wrought iron frying pan. If your mom enjoys cooking with cast iron but finds it too heavy, this skillet is an ideal present. Made from wrought iron, it’s half the weight of normal cast iron, and covered by a mult-century warranty.

10. Long Travel Yoga Mat, $92

Help mom make time for her, with an investment in her wellness and wellbeing. It's relatively slimmer than traditional yoga mats for easy carrying - and folds down to the size of a newspaper! Who wouldn’t want to shake things up, pop their mat in a rucksack, and do their practice anywhere?

11. Linen Pajama Set, $143

Our luxurious linen pajamas are an all-time customer favorite. Crafted from 100% French stonewashed linen, these cozy yet breathable PJs are perfect for year-round lounging. Treat mom to a dreamy night’s sleep, for many nights to come.


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April 18, 2022 — Catherine McKay