GIR: Fun and Functional Kitchen Utensils to Last a Lifetime

With a name like “GIR” which stands for “Get It Right”, you know that this is a company that lives up to its name and mission. GIR was born when its founder burnt her spatula on the stove, prompting her to start a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 asking why spatulas weren’t made of one piece. From this initial campaign, the Ultimate Spatula was launched, which is not only fully functional but also hygienic and extremely durable.

Since then, GIR has moved on to other kitchen products that are just as beautiful as they are fun and functional. Aside from GIR’s lifetime guarantee, we love their approach to intelligent design and creating extraordinary everyday products. They still stay true to their Kickstarter roots with successful campaigns that always surpass their initial expected goals, thanks to their growing legion of fans.

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  • Uniquely sustainable

    All our products scored using our five-point rating system.
  • Long lasting

    Everything we sell has a long life span. Our products are built to last.
  • Value for life

    Stop repeat-buying to save money over time.