United By Blue: Responsible, Durable Goods

United By Blue is a brand that beautifully balances durable products with an amazing environmental mission; for every product sold, they pledge to remove one pound of trash from the earth’s oceans and waterways. Talk about products you can feel great about buying! The products themselves are fun and beautiful, sometimes whimsical but always practical. Every single one sold contributes to company-organized cleanups where volunteers will literally haul tires from river beds and pick up plastic bottles from along the shoreline.

Style, sustainability and durability fuels each design: think 100% recycled polyester tote bags that convert to rucksacks at the drop of a hat; durable steel and copper drinkware subtly printed with coordinates, constellations and evergreens; and clothing made from organic cotton and tough bison fibers. United By Blue offers a lifetime guarantee and free repairs on all their bags, the Ultimate American Jacket and the Bison Sport Jacket. For the adventurous lifestyle, the conscious consumer or the lover of stylish goods that will last a lifetime, United By Blue is a brand well worth supporting.

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  • Uniquely sustainable

    All our products scored using our five-point rating system.
  • Long lasting

    Everything we sell has a long life span. Our products are built to last.
  • Value for life

    Stop repeat-buying to save money over time.