Wrought Iron Frying Pan

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By Rosle


This traditional forged iron frying pan has excellent heat conductivity and can be used on the stovetop, open fire or grill. 

  • Made from forged iron
  • Comes with a BuyMeOnce Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee 
  • Rustic frying pan in traditional-classic form with a welded handle with hook
  • Ideal for quick searing and cooking
  • Used in gas, electric, glass and induction stoves
  • Can be used on an open fire or grill
  • Wash by hand only

Rosle has been a family owned business since 1888, known for their stainless steel kitchen tools. Inspired by professional cooks, their cookware, kitchen and BBQ tools are known for their German engineering with a focus on creative design, functionality and innovation. The open kitchen concept was in fact a Rosle creation, showcasing aesthetic and functional products instead of hiding them away in a back drawer. Made from the highest grade 18/10 stainless steel, Rosle products will last a lifetime, helping the environment in the long run.

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