A Life Less Throwaway

A book that can turn your life around and clean out your closets too!

Life Less Throwaway Book Cover | BuyMeOnce

Tara Button, CEO & Founder of BuyMeOnce, shows how we can all live A Life Less Throwaway. Be empowered to transform your life and your home.


Start your journey today.

Published in the UK by Harper Collins.


Coming to the USA summer 2018.

With the whole world trying to convince us to spend our way to happiness, we’ve been left cluttered, stressed and unfulfilled… and looking around hopefully for a planet-B.

Who wants a throwaway life?

Tara Button, founder of BuyMeOnce, is at the forefront of the global movement to change the way we shop and live forever, championing the longest-lasting and most sustainable products on Earth.

In 2013 Tara went from depressed spendthrift to fulfilled and calm entrepreneur using a technique she calls ‘mindful curation’. In this book, she teaches the steps to master this lifestyle change. On this journey you’ll:

  • Detect the tricks that get us overspending and how to dodge them.
  • Discover why they really don’t make stuff like they used to and what can be done about it.
  • De-clutter your home and find the products that will serve you best for life.
  • Jump off the trend treadmill and build a home and wardrobe to your true taste.
  • Dig deep into your purpose and priorities to live a more fulfilled life.
  • Rediscover the art of keeping and caring for things.
  • Find happiness, success and self-worth beyond buying.

Now more than ever we need brave solutions to navigate life as a “consumer”.

In this book, at last, we have a guide.


Ask the Author

Tara is available for speaking engagements and will be offering home visits in the New Year.

To register interest, please fill in the following form. More information is available at www.tarabutton.com.


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