There’s something poetic about giving a wedding gift that could last the couple the rest of their lives - and beyond. Just as a marriage is a bond for life, so should be the perfect wedding present.

Weddings are the perfect time to create future heirlooms. In fact, it’s tradition - if your parents got married, it’s likely that they were given some high-ticket items that they kept forever. Fine china, quality cutlery, solid appliances - wedding gifts are all about ‘setting up’ the happy couple to run a good household. It might sound a bit outdated, but from a practical perspective, it’s more relevant than ever.

When it comes to items for the home or kitchen, young people often can’t afford ‘forever’ purchases of well-made products. They’ll likely have kept a few relics from their student days, whilst trying to save for a house (not to mention a wedding). Celebrating their marriage is the perfect opportunity to give them something special.

This is a list of our top ten wedding gifts that could last the happy couple for the rest of their lives. As ever, our focus is on things that are practical, but also beautifully-made and unique. So whether you know the couple well or have no idea what they’d like, these are wedding gifts that will go down a treat.

A gorgeous copper barware set.

Looking for a striking gift to indulge the happy couple? Beautiful and unbreakable, Sertodo’s barware will take cocktail hour to a whole new level for a lifetime of entertaining. From cocktail kits to coasters to cups, these tools make a statement that elevates the entire experience.

Sertodo design their products to become heirlooms, to be used and appreciated generation after generation. And with a Lifetime Guarantee across their barware, these will quickly become prized possessions to be loved for years to come.

Our ultimate iron pans.

Our bestselling Solidteknics pans make an ideal wedding gift - the kind of item that just gets better and better over the course of decades of use. Made from one seamless piece of iron, they’re incredibly tough, enough to have a multi-century warranty.

These pans cook similarly to traditional cast iron skillets, searing beautifully and building up a natural non-stick seasoning over time. But, they’re half the weight of regular cast iron. For a do-it-all frying pan, gift them our 7.5 inch Seamless Iron Frying Pan. Or, branch out with the 14 inch barbecue skillet - a vented barbecue pan that allows smoke and fire to directly reach your food, creating outstanding smokey flavor.

This trusty set of kitchen knives.

You can’t go wrong with good knives - people often put up with cheap, blunt blades for far too long. Using proper knives really makes all the difference, and is sure to make the newlyweds feel that little bit more grown up. 

The Knife Block Set by kitchenware pioneers Rosle contains all the blades they’ll need to kit out their kitchen - and they’re lifetime guaranteed. When it comes to quality, these will not disappoint. Made from the highest grade 18/10 stainless steel, their kitchen knives embody the Buy Me Once ethos: heirloom quality products that, when cared for, will bring joy to kitchens for generations to come. If the whole set is a little pricey for you, we recommend the Chef’s Knife as a super-versatile workhorse. 

This heavy-duty cast iron pepper grinder.

A true testament to simple Scandinavian design. Our bestselling pepper grinder makes a super-satisfying swap from disposable supermarket grinders. Heavy and solid, it crushes peppercorns effortlessly - and will look great on the newlyweds’ kitchen worktop too.

Like all our Skeppshult cast iron products, this pepper grinder has been handmade in Sweden in Scandinavia’s last cast iron cookware forge, which is run on green energy. Want a lighter option? Check out the Cast Iron & Beech Pepper Grinder

A luxurious linen bedding set.

Bedding makes a fantastic wedding gift - a special, yet essential item that’s sure to be appreciated and well-used. Our linen bedding sets by Piglet come in a wide variety of colors, all sewn from 100% stonewashed French linen.

If you’re not already aware of linen’s benefits, its moisture wicking properties can actually aid sleep. It keeps you fresh and cool in the summer, whilst still feeling cosy in winter. It’s much stronger than cotton, and gets softer and softer with every wear and wash. Now that’s a wedding gift to cherish forever.

This versatile chopping board.

Give the newlyweds the gift of craftsmanship with a beautiful chopping board. Made from reclaimed materials in Central Europe, these cutting boards are functional as they are versatile, with one side ready for serving and the other for cutting.

etúHOME excels in heirloom-quality products made from high quality materials with a focus on design and sustainability, using reclaimed materials from Central Europe and giving them a second life. These utilitarian pieces will be a pride of joy in a newlyweds’ household, and cherished for generations to come.

A top-quality cutlery set.

Good quality cutlery is something people often skip on investing in - so it makes a great gift for newlyweds looking to upgrade their household. We love cutlery by Liberty Tabletop, US flatware specialists who make premium utensils to last a lifetime.

As the only remaining flatware company whose entire operation is wholly based in the USA, they still employ local craftsmen and source only the highest quality, 18/10 stainless steel from US steel mills. Each piece comes with a 25-year warranty, but you can be almost certain anything from this US heritage brand will be fit to lovingly pass down to future generations - with plenty of time for dinner parties and stay-at-home dates.

These multipurpose Turkish towels.

We love peshtemals. These traditional Turkish bath towels are light and quick-drying, and have a myriad of other uses too. Perfect as a throw, blanket, sarong, tablecloth, wrap or beach towel - the newlyweds are sure to come up with all sorts of uses for theirs. 

Our handwoven peshtemals by Lüks Linen are made the traditional way, in Turkey, by family-run ateliers in renowned cotton-growing regions. They even come with a 20 year repair or replace guarantee. Choose from thick organic cotton or breezy linen blends, in timeless woven patterns that will look great in any home.

A really, really good food processor.

Is there an ancient appliance in your family, perhaps received as a wedding present decades ago? Proper appliances that last forever aren’t a thing of the past. Enter: the Ankarsrum Assistent Original. Still handmade to this day in its namesake town of Ankarsrum, Sweden, this food mixer is designed and built to tackle countless kitchen tasks. The included range of accessories makes this a truly versatile addition to your kitchen. 

Designed for its longevity and power, Ankarsrum is up for the challenge of a lifetime of use. And what caught our attention, of course, was their unique seven year warranty - the longest warranty on the market. The perfect gift to group together to buy, or spoil the couple with a gift from you to them.

This ingenious espresso maker.

If this couple loves coffee, let them share a lifetime of brews with the ROK manual espresso maker. With espresso at the core of many good coffees, you can’t go wrong with giving the gift of smooth, flavorful coffee every single time. 

Designed with sustainability and longevity in mind, coffee wizards ROK provide a unique experience, requiring no electricity, plastic pods or noise. Made from an ultra-strong metal alloy (a durable metal with increased corrosion resistance) which is guaranteed for 10 years, this distinctive coffee maker makes exceptionally good espresso.

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March 09, 2022 — Catherine McKay