Behind every great cook there is a well-equipped kitchen, and if there’s one time of year to be at the top of your game it’s Thanksgiving. We can’t promise that this roundup of our favourite time-tested tools will immediately transform you into a Michelin star chef – but they will certainly help. Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends!

1. Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Roasting Tray canadian thanksgiving

Let’s begin with the big Kahuna, the mother of all poultry, the reason we all feel crummy for an hour after dinner: that golden, crispy-skinned turkey. To achieve a succulent bird, you need to have the right roasting tray by your side. We recommend the Cuisinart MultiClad Pro. It’s constructed from triple-ply stainless steel and features heat surround technology, meaning the tray distributes heat evenly and cooks the meat from all sides. Bonus, there are no flimsy, fussy lifting chains involved here; this tray comes kitted out with a durable stainless-steel rack to help circulate air and let poultry drain while it cooks. It’s also compatible with induction cooktops and comes with a lifetime warranty so you can cook up worry-free feasts for years to come.

2. Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler canadian thanksgiving

For all your potato-peeling, carrot-shredding needs, turn to the multi-award winning Original Swiss Peeler from Kuhn Rikon. This peeler is the best on the market and is endorsed by professional chefs worldwide. Its ultra-sharp blade is made from carbon steel which slices evenly and quickly through tough fruit and veg peel and stays sharper for longer than stainless steel blades. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and works for righties or lefties. Genius! 

3. Corningware French White 8-Piece Set canadian thanksgiving

Whether you’re a part of the classic creamy mash camp or the adventurous marshmallow sweet potato casserole type, you’re going to need a premium set of dishes for baking and serving. Corningware oven-to-tableware have set the benchmark in glass and glass-ceramics since 1950. They are the proud inventors of the first heat and cold-resistant glass bakeware; their non-porous glass ceramic dishes retain heat longer and don’t absorb food odours. Corningware dishes are also easy to clean and mega versatile – use them in your oven or microwave, on the stovetop or barbeque, under the grill or keep things chilled in the fridge or freezer. There’s a reason why your grandma (and all her friends) own the same casserole dishes!

4. GIR 3-Piece Essential Spatula Set canadian thanksgiving

You all know by now how much we fangirl over GIR and their indestructible, lifetime guaranteed silicone kitchen tools. Good news for all you Canadians: they’ve now released this handy 3-piece set of their most popular gear! From flipping Thanksgiving morning’s pumpkin pie pancakes to scraping the last drop of gravy from the pot, this set will be all you need for some serious feast prep this Monday.

5. Dualit 4-Speed Hand Mixer

For the softest homemade crusty bread, for the smoothest pumpkin pie filling, for the fluffiest whipped cream, the Dualit 4-speed hand mixer is a Thanksgiving essential. Dualit are an amazing brand that have been building innovative kitchenware in the UK since 1945. Quality is a fundamental aspect of their business model and this shows in their dedication to making their products last. Dualit craft all their electrical products to be repairable, and they offer replacement parts through their service centre should anything go wrong. This mixer is heavy duty and comes ready for all your baking needs with flat beaters, dough hooks and a balloon whisk. Perfect for the on-again, off-again baker. 

6. Luigi Bormioli Crescendo Chardonnay Glass canadian thanksgiving

When you find that perfect chardonnay to accompany your turkey, make sure you’re sipping it from the best glassware. Luigi Bormioli is one of the most highly regarded international glassmakers. Their Crescendo line features their signature SON.hyx glass which ensures the glasses are resistant to breakage, dishwasher safe, and will retain their transparency despite vigorous washing. Luigi Bormioli also offer a 25-year warranty against foot and rim chipping and discolouration – a timeless purchase fit for holidays and every day alike. 

7. Abeego Natural Beeswax Food Wraps

We’ve all fearfully gone a tad overboard on the extras at our Thanksgiving table because want to have enough food to feed the whole crew… two times over. To keep food waste to a minimum and preserve the freshness of your leftovers, grab yourself some Abeego beeswax food wrap. These clever cotton sheets are infused with organic beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin to create a perfectly reusable solution to throwaway plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Simply pack all your leftovers into glass containers (or keep them in the casserole dishes!) and seal with an Abeego wrap. Because who doesn’t love a leftover hot turkey sandwich topped with stuffing and piping hot gravy?