Everybody knows a pet is for life and not just for Christmas; here at BuyMeOnce, we believe your pet’s toys, collars, bowls and beds should all be for life too! Introducing the brand new BuyMeOnce pets category. We’ve done some digging and found some spectacular brands that offer chew-proof guarantees and products that are safe, eco-friendly and able to survive even the toughest animal love.

West Paw Design are a brand whose durable dog toys and brilliant eco ethos have us seriously impressed. Their Zogoflex toy range is thoughtfully designed and made in the USA. They are also 100% recyclable, non-toxic, BPA-and-phthalate-free, latex-free and FDA compliant (meaning safe to eat off of). Besides the impressive product accolades, this company holds B Corp status and helped found the Pet Sustainability Coalition, which helps small pet businesses have just as positive an impact on the planet as them. That’s the kind of community spirit we love to see! Best of all, their products come with a lifetime guarantee, which is no small promise with products designed to be chewed.

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If you’re thinking doubtfully at this point of a certain maniacal pooch you know who could tear apart the lining of a submarine – we know, he’s just misunderstood – then GoughNuts offer almost indestructible ring chew toys such as the MaXX Black Ring (Power Chewer +). This company understands that no toy is truly infallible, so their products come with a handy warning system – when your dog chews through to red, it’s safest to replace it.    

Even if a product isn’t designed to be chewed, we know this doesn’t always matter where spritely pets are concerned. We’ve discovered a range of eco collars from Lupine Pet that come with an amazing ‘even if chewed’ lifetime guarantee – these come in a range of bright colours and are made out of recycled plastic bottles. Send back your chewed up, frayed, destroyed collar to Lupine Pet and within 2 days they promise to send you a new one!

We also love the Walk Your Dog with Love harnesses that are thoughtfully designed and come with a lifetime warranty. Their harnesses don’t strangle your pet and leading from the front of the animal encourages them to follow rather than to lead (making sure it’s you walking your dog and not the other way around…) Check out the rest of the pets section for biodegradable waste bags, post-consumer recycled glass feeding bowls, and more ways to pamper your beloved pets with quality products that will last a lifetime.

October 04, 2017 — Amanda Saxby