There are many tough, durable bags out there with outstanding warranties - the Saddleback Leather Co. offer a 100 year warranty for example, alongside the slogan ‘they’ll fight over it when you’re dead’ - but for many people a bag is far more than just a vessel for dragging around daily essentials.

A good handbag or briefcase can make you feel instantly put together and ready to take on the world. Whilst we don’t encourage disposable fashion, we do believe in carefully choosing good pieces and investing in personal style. Rather than pouring hundreds of pounds into designer bags that might be on trend for a year or two, we think a timeless Maxwell Scott bag - warrantied for 25 years - is worth every penny. Here’s a few reasons why.

1. They’re Fighting Disposable Fashion

Maxwell Scott are working hard against disposable fashion culture by making quality and longevity a backbone of their brand. Whilst high fashion is sadly no longer necessarily associated with high quality as it once was in the past, here is a brand offering both strong style and peace of mind that you’ve made a good investment.

2. They’re super practical

Unlike some designer bags for twice the price, Maxwell Scott items are carefully designed to be as practical as possible, making them a useful companion for modern working life. The Carli backpack, for example, is an elegant bag you can pair with a sharp work outfit to make an impression at work, but is equally suitable for throwing over your body to cycle home with.

3. They will never go out of style

Impeccable, timeless design is the foundation of the Maxwell Scott brand. All their bags and briefcases walk the line between classic and minimalist styling in a way that means it’s hard to imagine them ever going out of style. Whether for men or for women the rich quality of the leather speaks for itself, offering elegance that can transcend years of fleeting fashion.

4. They’re wonderful for work

It’s hard to underestimate how important work apparel can be; a well put together outfit topped with a great bag is like a suit of armour, helping you to make a strong impression, feel confident and be as prepared as you can be. Maxwell Scott briefcases and work bags are designed to hold anything you might need with a classic, elegant and streamlined exterior to elevate any outfit.

5. They’re great capsule wardrobe pieces

Maxwell Scott bags are the perfect investment for a capsule wardrobe. Their classic designs in natural, neutral colours will go with just about anything, and versatility is built right into the designs. The Lucca bag is a perfect example; this minimal, compact bag has a strap that can be worn on the shoulder, across the body or removed entirely, taking you from brunch, to wandering round town, to evening glamour with ease.

6. They're Easy to Care For

Maxwell Scott products are made using full-grain vegetable-tanned leather which is renowned for being incredibly durable and easy to care for. Any scratches or marks can be buffed or polished out easily, and dirt can be washed off by gently dabbing with a cloth and a mild soap and water solution. The brand also recommends conditioning your bag with Skidmore’s leather cream to keep it in tip top condition for decades to come.

7. Transparent Manufacturing

Maxwell Scott products are all handcrafted in their factory in Tuscany by 14 skilled leather artisans, many of them family passing their skills down the generations. Whilst some machines from the 1970s are still in use, the whole factory is powered by solar panels, combining the best elements of traditional craftsmanship and forward-thinking modernity that we love to see.

August 07, 2018 — Georgie Crosswell