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Not Your Grandmother’s Tights: Sustainable, Eco-friendly Swedish Stockings

Posted By Jana Pleyto

The phrase ‘sustainable hosiery’ has never been in anyone’s vocabulary – until now. Swedish Stockings is leading the way with their range of beautifully designed hosiery that’s also good for the environment. So without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the world’s first sustainable hosiery brand.
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How to Create the Best Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Posted By BuyMeOnce Admin

In principle, capsule wardrobes seem simple; adopting the concept and knowing where to begin, however, less so. The summer capsule wardrobe presents its own set of challenges thanks to the demands on us from work, travel and weather. Let BuyMeOnce be your guide to the sartorial challenge of how to create a summer capsule wardrobe.
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