In just a few short weeks, summer holidays will end and the prep for school will begin again. Alongside buying new shoes, hemming trousers and stocking up on pens that will inevitably disappear, the never-ending cycle of what to pack for lunch will also be at your doorstep. While we can’t help you choose between PB and jam or turkey and cheese, we can help you keep your kids’ lunches fresh, safe and chemical-free with our spotlight brand, Dalcini Stainless.

Canadian brand Dalcini believes in providing the safest, most durable and low maintenance stainless steel food containers on the market. This brand is the brainchild of Nita Tandon, a health-conscious mom who sought durable, chemical-free alternatives for the harmful plastic containers her children were eating from. She was concerned with the levels of BPA, BPS and BPF hiding in many children’s plastic lunch containers and dishes and decided the market needed to change. dalcini stainless

Dalcini containers are crafted from high-quality hospital grade stainless steel and are designed without visible seams, tight corners or complicated lips, seals or clasps. This clever design makes the containers easier for little hands to use and keeps them exceptionally clean and bacteria-free. Dalcini containers are completely plastic-free, dishwasher safe and recyclable (although we doubt you’ll ever tire of them).

One final feature we love about Dalcini containers is that you can label your kids lunches, draw lovely little pictures or date your leftovers with any washable or dry erase marker. This handy perk stops lunch box mix-ups and keeps you from wondering when you made that tuna salad in the back of the fridge.

Dalcini Stainless offers a wide range of storage containers from classic square sandwich containers and snacker combos to round twist-tops and stacking bowls. There’s something for everyone in their lifetime-guaranteed collection. Whether you’re shopping for a busy professional or your eager first grader, Dalcini’s containers are “strong enough for kids and sophisticated enough for adults.”