Tuesday, February 6, 2018, was a day to be inspired and one to remember; it marked the centenary of women’s suffrage and the remarkable women who made a voting voice for us possible. How grateful we are and will continue to be as incredible women disrupt the world bringing social change for a brighter future.

But it was also a day that struck a chord with BuyMeOncers specifically. This Tuesday saw a gathering of like-minded souls brave the chilly London air and head to Hatchards Piccadilly, (if you haven’t been, Team BuyMeOnce highly recommends a visit – it’s a treasure trove of floor to ceiling shelves stacked to bursting with incredible reads) a much-loved London institution, to celebrate the launch of our founder and CEO Tara Button’s new book, A Life Less Throwaway.

Behind the Scenes: A Life Less Throwaway Launch | buymeonce.com

We soaked up the atmosphere and feasted on delectable zero-waste canapes from Tiny Leaf London; we listened to Tara share her inspiration for our company and her book with a captivated audience. While this is a story we at BuyMeOnce HQ know by heart, it was a proud moment nonetheless, and we were left even more excited for the next chapter of our story (we couldn’t help it, sorry). 

A heartfelt thank you to all who braved the February freeze to come and celebrate with us. It wouldn’t have been the same without you! From family and friends to colleagues, contributors, movers and shakers, it was an evening to remember and a milestone moment for Tara and BuyMeOnce.

So what can you expect from the book? We don’t want to spoil it, but we can tell you that A Life Less Throwaway challenges our relationship with our stuff; it explores why and how we buy and what to bring into our lives. The book guides us through a technique called ‘Mindful Curation’, the art of how to buy smart and buy well, and avoid bringing unnecessary clutter that we simply don’t need into our lives. The book champions all consumers, as BuyMeOnce does, and shines a light on the benefits of living a life less throwaway – for you, for your wallet and for your planet.

Please note that the book is currently only available in the UK. A Life Less Throwaway will land in the USA in summer 2018!

February 09, 2018 — BuyMeOnce Admin