Brew the Best Espresso of Your Life with ROK

Brew the Best Espresso of Your Life with ROK

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At BuyMeOnce, we’re keen to help you build a kitchen to last you (and your grandchildren’s grandchildren) a lifetime. And if you’re anything like us, your day consists of running back and forth to the coffee machine just to keep upright. However, your Monday morning cup(s) of joe can often lead to an excess of wasteful plastic pods or filters and energy overconsumption, which is why we were so excited to come across the London-based brand ROK Kitchen Tools.

ROK arrived on the scene in 2002. Back then they were known as Presso – an innovative new company hocking an espresso machine powered only by hand. After selling 50,000 of their first release, the company rebranded themselves in 2012 as ROK and redesigned their espresso maker to make it even better. The new machine is composed of a super durable, high-strength metal alloy and includes a reinforced plunger. Most importantly, every ROK machine now comes with a 10-year guarantee.


ROK’s machine is designed to be quiet, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Unlike other coffee and espresso makers – which can eat up to 1.91 kilowatts of energy per day – this machine requires only a little elbow grease. Simply boil your water, allow it to percolate in the chamber and then press the arms of the machine down to release a smooth and creamy espresso. There are no complicated wires or finicky parts to go wrong, and it doesn’t require filters, capsules or pods, which keeps trash out of landfill. Compost your used coffee grounds and you’re good to go!

To demonstrate just how easy this espresso maker is to use, check out their product video:

The kit also includes everything you need to make the best espresso: the innovative maker, a storage tin to keep beans fresh, a milk frother for the best lattes and skinny capps, a portafilter and splitter for easy extraction and a perfectly fitted tamp and spoon.

But we all know you can’t have the finest espresso without freshly ground beans, so why not also invest in a best-selling conical burr ceramic grinder from Hario? All the coffee aficionados agree that ceramic burr hand grinders are the way to go. Not only are they more durable and eco-friendly than their electric competition, they also allow you to control the consistency of the grind for perfectly extracted coffee at the table or on the go!

Your Monday morning coffee will never be the same.

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