If you’re a regular outdoorsy type, you’ll be familiar with the ‘Leave No Trace’ signposts placed prominently throughout campsites and trail routes. But as the used potato chip packets wafting intrusively across the open expanse reveal, leaving no trace of you and your fellow campers can be a tougher challenge than pitching a tent in torrential rain or completing a gruelling 15 mile hike. Here at BuyMeOnce we take ‘Leave No Trace’ to the next level and aim to find products that will last so long, that their trace on this planet will be as limited as possible.  Not only will you be protecting nature, you’ll also be investing in top quality gear that will last you a lifetime and see you through every camping holiday for years to come.

The Essentials from Big Agnes

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At the end of a days adventuring there will seem nothing more important than crawling into a safe and comfortable sanctuary from the elements. It's no revelation, then, to say that a tent is first and foremost your most important purchase. We love the Shield 2 from Big Agnes, an all-season tent that is lightweight yet as sturdy and durable as they come. It's also backed by the Big Agnes lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The product has garnered rave reviews and is said to withstand blizzards, making it the choice of adventurers and seasoned mountaineers. Big Agnes also offer fantastic roll mats and sleeping bags such as the Encampment 15 Sleeping Bag. Though admittedly pricey, Big Agnes gear is well worth it if you can afford the investment; anyone who has spent the night frozen or anxiously edging away from leaks knows the quality of your sleep can make or break a trip. 


The Stanley Growler Thermos

buymeonce.com camping gear

Often the first thing you miss after a night sleeping off-grid is your beloved coffee machine. When you’re groggy and disoriented in the middle of the woods the last thing you want to do is start a fire, especially before your morning dose of caffeine. But the ever trusty Stanley has got you covered. This Stanley Growler, like all Stanley products, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is built to keep liquids hot for 18 hours. All you have to do is brew up your coffee before you doze off and it will remain hot and ready to kick-start your exploring the next day. 

Guilt-Free Drinkware from United by Blue

buymeonce.com camping gear

To hold your hot coffee (or something stronger round the campfire later on) it's hard to beat copper coordinates mugs from United by Blue. With these beautiful cups you can savour every guilt-free sip; not only are they plastic-free, but purchasing them actively helps reduce plastic-pollution since United by Blue have pledged to remove one pound of trash from the worlds oceans and waterways (through organized clean-ups like this) for every product they sell. They also offer a great range of bags and toiletry cases made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The Crest Trail Case and the Summit Convertible Tote Pack are perfect for camping and all come backed by our favourite - a lifetime guarantee. 

The Solar Device Charger 

Escaping to the wilderness is all very well, but even off-grid you're likely going to want a decent camera and your phone for emergencies. The Solar Lite Charger from Anker is a light and eco-friendly way to keep your devices topped up on the go with BuyMeOnce approved durability. Made from solar panels sewn into weather-resistant polyester canvas, this charger has industrial-strength and is extremely durable. It can charge two devices simultaneously and runs on 15 watts - great for keeping you connected and safe as you travel.  

The Indestructible Cooler from Orca

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Keep your bacon cool with a durable Orca Cooler. This company offers a lifetime warranty on all of their coolers with a portion of each sale donated to charities supporting wounded warriors, conservation projects and breast cancer research. The Orca 40 Qt Heavy Duty Cooler keeps ice frozen for up to 4 days and is great for storing meat, butter and other perishables. In order to extend the cooling time of this box, pre-freeze it the night before by adding ice and a frozen drinks. These coolers are Made in America and resilient – even a determined, 700 pound grizzly bear won’t be able to crack one of these. 

The Lasting Lunchboxes from Dalcini

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Minimize what you leave behind by minimizing what you bring. Food packaging is one of the most common items left near hiking trails and campsites and yet it is fully avoidable. To put a stop to energy bar wrappers getting caught in the wind, store your camping snacks in reusable containers such as this set of 3 Twist-Top Containers from Dalcini. Durable, safe and stylish, stainless steel lunchboxes can be chucked in your backpack for small snacks or hearty lunches and will fit into almost any cooler - a great way to store your perishable campfire cuisine.

The Outdoor Research Raincoat

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Having a trusted raincoat on hand is always useful, even if you’re just hanging around the campsite. Outdoor Research has created the Helium raincoat (available for both men and women) that is lightweight and folds up into its own pocket, so it won’t take up much room in your backpack. If you’re looking for something that offers a bit more warmth, check out the Uber Layered Hooded Jacket (available for both men and women). It’s water and wind resistant and is insulated to keep you comfortable. Outdoor Research products are guaranteed for life – they will replace any product that fails to meet your needs at any time, leaving you covered whatever the weather. 

The Amazingly Useful Multi-Tool

buymeonce.com camping gearFor any unforeseen challenges that might get thrown at you around the campsite, this nifty multi-purpose tool from Leatherman will probably be able to help you out. It comes with an excellent 25-year warranty and includes, amongst other things: a combo Knife; a bottle opener; a can opener; a screwdriver; scissors and wire cutters. What more could you need?