There’s something really satisfying about giving someone a gift you know they’ll have forever. But as we all know, quality products tend to require a little investment. Fortunately, this list of best gifts under $50 contains a wide range of buy-once items that won’t break the bank.

These gifts are practical, beautifully-made and ready to go the distance. From everlasting socks to safety razors and ballpoint pens, we think there’s something for everyone.

Hardwood spatula set.

Earlywood Flat Saute Set

High quality and versatile, this wooden flat saute set can be used for flipping pancakes, cooking eggs, sautéing vegetables or even scraping the bottom of a cast iron pan. Made from the most stunning, durable hardwoods, this will be a set of lifetime guaranteed kitchen utensils you'll be reaching for day in and day out.


Paper Project socks.

Paper Project socks

Socks made using paper? The idea of paper yarn might sound strange, but this material has been used to make clothes in Japan for centuries.⁠ Textiles experts Paper Project have spent over ten years developing new fabrics made with spun paper content. The result is beautifully smooth, dry socks, with moisture-wicking properties and long-lasting quality.


Stainless Steel lunchbox set.

Dalcini Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Practical and versatile, this 2 piece lunch box set represent the beauty of simple designs done well. Dalcini's range of food storage containers are made from durable stainless steel, with a seamless construction that provides an anti-bacterial base. Perfect for storing leftovers, picnics or for packed lunches to be used throughout the years.

A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button.

A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button
Do you want to give someone practical, accessible advice about buying for life? Our founder, Tara Button, literally wrote the book on it. It’s full of useful exercises and insider advice on how to make more mindful, fulfilling shopping choices. Help someone change the way they shop, for good.


Reusable water bottle.

Water bottle

Never buy bottled water again. Welly Bottles are tough and thoughtfully designed, made from a combination of stainless steel and sustainable bamboo. The outstanding vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold - perfect for life on the go. The Traveler Bottle even comes with a removable infuser, so you can brew tea or naturally flavor your water with fruit (mint and cucumber is our favorite).


Minimalist card holder wallet.

Flowfold Minimalist Card Wallet

Give someone the gift of Flowfold, wallets and bags that combine functionality, sustainability and sleek design with the strongest performance fabrics in the world. This wallet may be slim in design, but it certainly packs a punch in the durability arena, thanks to its robust Ballistic nylon webbing. 

Safety razor.

Rockwell razor

Know someone stuck in a cycle of expensive throwaway plastic razors? Get them to try something different. This razor might look a little intimidating, but it's actually nothing like your grandpa’s safety razors. Rockwell have re-engineered them from the ground up, meaning no nicks or cuts - just the comfiest shave of your life.


Turkish towels.

Minnie & Moon towels

Have you ever heard of a peshtemal? Traditionally, they’re cotton towels for use in Turkish hammam baths. These towels are super-versatile - you can use yours as a blanket, a sarong, a throw, a tablecloth or a shawl. They’re highly absorbent, but dry fast. Our Minnie and Moon peshtemals are woven in Turkey from 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton. At a generous 6 x 3 foot size, you’ll be surprised how little room they take up in your suitcase.

Grab and go toiletry bags.

Duluth Pack Grab and Go

The Grab-N-Go can be used as a makeup bag, a travel toiletry bag or even as a backpack organizer, made from Duluth’s durable 15-oz canvas construction. With a lifetime guarantee that covers craftsmanship and hardware, you’ll be certain that these handy bags will be passed down to the next generation.

Copper iced tea cups.

Sertodo Copper Ice Tea Cups
The perfect gift for those who love entertaining. Beautiful, unbreakable and made from pure recycled copper, these tall cups fit perfectly in the hand - ideal for water, cocktails or iced tea on a hot day. 

November 03, 2021 — Jana Pleyto