We're very excited to introduce to you our spotlight brand for October, acclaimed Swedish sportswear brand and sustainability champions Houdini. Here are a few reasons why you, like us, will probably fall in love with them.

Georgie Crosswell

1. Their gear is designed to last. Forever.

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This one should go without saying, but we couldn’t, in all honesty, have any other reason topping the list. Longevity is a core element of Houdini’s design philosophy; they want their customers to own and love their clothing for as long as possible with products that “by their quality, style and functionality, simply don’t need to be replaced.” Every one of their products comes with a lifetime guarantee, and include features such as abrasion-resistant panels to support areas in a garment most likely to wear. This brand cleverly combines craftsmanship with technology and the results are impressive.

2. Their sustainability efforts.

Houdini won the H&M & ELLE Conscious Award in 2017, and it’s not difficult to see why; you could fill an encyclopedia with all the cool, innovative things this brand are doing to minimize their impact on the planet. All their stores have recycling bins where you can deposit your worn-out garments to be fed back into the Houdini life cycle. 91% of their line is made from renewable, biodegradable, Bluesign certified or recycled fabrics.

Houdini also allow customers to test before they buy and rent out pricey shell garments, and they offer an in-store repair service to keep garments going for as long as possible. The impressive thing isn’t just this brand’s list of green achievements, however, but more the fact that sustainability is clearly at the core of everything they do – just as it should be!

3. Their beautiful designs.

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Versatile, minimal, beautiful; Houdini products are simply garments you want to have in your life. Their designs are intended to perform well in different situations and climates and aren’t just for the intrepid mountain-scaler but also for the urban explorer. Waterproof coats with two-way zips allow perfect movement for cycling with a minimal style that looks great out and about in the city. Their mid and outer layers that perfectly compliment each other, but also look great alone, allow you to build a clever, adaptable wardrobe. It’s great to have clothes that leave you equally prepared for hitting a bar as a countryside ramble – because sometimes your day doesn’t end in the same way it started!

So whether you are an environmentally conscious adventurer, or you just like great looking outerwear that won’t need replacing, Houdini is a brand well worth checking out.

Georgie Crosswell is the BuyMeOnce resident copywriter and researcher. Her passion for sustainable fashion and lifestyle has sadly not yet translated into a functioning capsule wardrobe, though the struggle continues. When not furiously typing, she can usually be found reading or drooling over Scandi fashion brands.

October 16, 2017 — BuyMeOnce Admin