Who said that durable had to mean old-fashioned? Nanoleaf break the stereotype with their striking LED lighting systems built to be as long-lasting as they are eye-catching.

Nanoleaf are design pioneers, creating modular systems that breathe life into a room, transforming space with vibrant color and naturally toned light. Their smart lighting systems are at the cutting edge of lighting tech, providing unparalleled energy efficiency while offering the very latest in functionality.

The Aurora is their flagship system. Consisting of interlocking triangular panels, the modular concept is pretty ingenious and completely customisable. What we love is the individuality they bring – the shape, look and feel is all up to you. Build any design on any size wall space or even lay it flat across a coffee table. It’s up to you. The Aurora is bold enough to be a centrepiece but can slink away into your peripherals with just a few flicks.

The Aurora comes to life through the Nanoleaf App. The tone, hue and strength of the lighting are fully customisable with only a few swipes; if you’re feeling particularly laid back, the system is also fully compatible with all voice assistants du jour. That’s Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.


If voice control gets you excited but you’re not a sucker for panels, the Ivy Smarter Kit could be more up your street. The design is still eye-catching, to say the least, but it’s definitely more Edison than Rothko.

The Ivy allows you to manage up to 50 light bulbs through one Hub, and you can group those bulbs by room or otherwise. Every aspect of each bulb is commanded by your voice; play around with the app to find your perfect settings. Nanoleaf claim their Ivy bulbs can last up to 27 years and that gets us pretty excited.


For peace of mind, all Nanoleaf products come with a 3-year free replacement warranty. That’s as generous as it gets for LEDs at the moment, and it’s good value for a multi-functional high-tech lighting system. What’s more, the brains inside your Nanoleaf smarter kits are evolutionary; they will pick up the latest system updates so you’ll never find yourself with lights that can’t keep up with phone tech.

If you think these systems are up your street, and that you’ll get regular use out of them, we recommend that you take a look. The designs aren’t going to be for everyone, but we see that as an asset. They’re a little bit weird. And hey, that’s just fine.