If, like us, you’ve suddenly found your kitchen to be the center of your home, you’re probably scrutinizing your cookware a little more than usual.

Any big box retailer or department store offers up a myriad of cookware and bakeware options - it can be overwhelming for anyone in the market for replacing their current wares. Yet the questions remain. What’s it made out of? What's the coating on that non-stick pan? Is it manufactured locally? Does it distribute heat properly? 

With 360 Cookware, all these answers are answered transparently. Their products are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill pots and pans, and you can tell from the very first unboxing. Each and every product in their extensive range is made from the highest quality materials, backed by a lifetime guarantee and with a certificate of authenticity from their Wisconsin-based factory. 

What’s more - it utilizes vapor cooking, if healthy eating is what you’re trying to achieve as well. 

Vapor Cooking… What is it?

360 Cookware is constructed to utilize a method called vapor cooking. While it may sound contemporary, it’s been around for a while. It also goes by ‘waterless cookware’.

What this basically means is that 360 Cookware holds in ingredients and flavors as nature intended, cooking without the addition of water or oil. 

It’s all about the tight-fitting lid, which creates steam from the water content found in most foods. A vapor seal is created between the stainless steel pan and metal lid, locking in moisture. The steam evenly circulates, gently cooking the food without having to crank up the heat or stir the food around.

The result is healthy, non-processed food with no need for grease, salt, butter or other additives. As well as being a healthier option, this gentle way of one-pot cooking can help you save time, money and energy.

Their products are of course not strictly limited to just vapor cooking. They can still be used however you want to cook - and if that involves searing foods on a high heat with plenty of oil, then their pots and pans are perfect for that too!

The 360 Cookware Family

360 Cookware was founded by owner Bryan Hurley, who came from a family that knew their cookware. His father before him had been a cookware salesman, and together with the rest of the 360 Cookware team, the company has more than 450 years of combined veteran cookware expertise. 

360 Cookware shares the Buy Me Once approach to minimizing waste: by not buying cheap, shoddy products that get discarded easily, and instead investing in lifetime pieces that can be passed down to future generations.  

Proudly American made, 360 Cookware uses no harsh chemicals while making their cookware or bakeware, handcrafted in their Green E-Certified factory in West Bend, Wisconsin. 

Green Credentials

All 360 Cookware products are made in the world’s most environmentally advanced factory, which has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Americraft - 360 Cookware’s parent company - was also recognized for their commitment to environmental responsibility with a Green-e Certification. They’re a Green America Approved Business, and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Their factory meets eco-centric standards by using 100% renewable energy, such as solar, water, or wind power, to generate the assembly line. They also use cleaning products that leave no toxic residue, and their shipping containers and packaging are completely recyclable. 

Quality Materials 

All of 360 Cookware’s products are sourced from the highest grade of materials possible, starting off with layers of T-304 stainless steel with a .110 gauge, the same thickness from the center of the pan to the rim. 

These three layers range from 18/8 to 18/10, referring to the percentage amount of chromium and nickel in the metal. (i.e. 18% chromium, and 8% to 10% nickel). The outside layer, which touches the heat, is T-400 Series Stainless Steel - it has a lower nickel content and higher carbon steel content to interact on induction cooktops. These two layers of stainless steel sandwich a layer of aluminum, which ensures superior heat conduction.

The lids, which create the high steaming effect, are made with the same attention to detail. The precision of the design creates the vapor seal which allows the food to heat evenly and quickly, and at lower temperatures.

This cookware is also oven and broiler safe up to 500 degrees, and versatility was definitely front of mind for 360 Cookware’s design team. Stockpots can be used as ‘small ovens’ to keep small poultry moist on the stovetop, and cake tins can be used to roast vegetables, thanks to their even heat distribution. No stone is left unturned here, as even a single saucepan will have a number of uses, all delivering non-processed, healthy cooking.

Ticking the Buy Me Once boxes:

Our research team looked at our criteria checklist and we're happy to report that 360 Cookware passed the Buy Me Once kitchen test with flying colors. In a nutshell, we love these products for their:

Quality Materials. 
Lifetime Guarantee.
Proudly Made in America.
Green Cookware: from manufacturing to cooking method.

So if you’re currently in the market for quality cookware and bakeware, 360 Cookware is a great investment. Their exceptional range is full of items you’re bound to pass down to your kids and grandkids. They can be purchased individually or as sets, which are perfect for first home nesters or any other special occasions.

Oh and here's a tip - they work well with our range of wooden Earlywood cooking utensils.

Check out the range here.