It can be difficult to know where to start looking for high quality baby gifts, especially as a conscious consumer. At BuyMeOnce we believe in purchasing durable, beautifully crafted products that will last a lifetime, and babies - even though they will grow out of their adorable tiny clothes, toys and accessories at a mind-boggling rate - are no exception.

Considering the long-term life an item will have beyond one child is crucial because, after all, it’s the kids of today who will be growing up to face the consequences of overconsumption. You can read more about protecting your kids from consumerism and why it’s important here.

The great news is that heirlooms make incredible gifts. Whilst certain adults might be offended at receiving a secondhand gift (although they shouldn’t be), the beauty with babies is that they’re rarely offended. Items that have been previously owned and loved carry a weight that money just can’t buy, so if a toy, teddy bear or piece of jewelry is truly timeless, of good quality and in good condition, it will be sure to make an amazing gift again and again.

The list below contains ideas that are BuyMeOnce approved, guaranteed to last long enough for lots of little ones to enjoy. Think beautifully crafted accessories that can be passed down, gender neutral organic clothing that can survive growth spurts and multiple siblings, gorgeous, tiny occasion wear crafted from repurposed vintage fabrics, and super soft baby blankets stylish enough to be used around the home when baby is all grown up.

  • 1. Organic Cotton ‘Growth Spurt’ Baby Leggings Set, $28

  • These baby leggings are made from super soft organic cotton, with cuffs that can easily be folded over to keep them in use for longer. They’re also gender neutral and come with an incredible ten year guarantee exclusively for BuyMeOnce customers, so you can be sure they will last to be reused by lots of little ones.

    2. Wishbone Design Studio Flip, $159.99

    This one might have to wait until their first birthday, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Flip converts from a gentle rocker to a ride-on with the addition of wheels meaning it can grow along with the child. It’s also carefully designed to be repairable and refurbishable - a classic and timeless toy that can be enjoyed by generations.

    3. Quilted Snuggle Sack, $78

    This quilted sack is crafted with a 300 thread count organic cotton sateen, making it durable as well as silky smooth and breathable. Perfect for keeping them comfortable and cozy, this is a timeless and practical gift that can be passed down.

    4. Silver Rattle, Teether and Bangle, $95

    A gift for both parent and baby, this beautiful piece is all at once a rattle, a teether, and an adult jewelry piece meaning it can be always kept in use. It’s beautifully crafted out of recycled sterling silver, making it durable, antimicrobial and non-toxic as well as cool and soothing for little ones while they’re teething.  

    5. Mulberry Darling Dress, $78.65

    Investing in clothing for young children can be made a nightmare by growth spurts, and occasionwear gets worn even less frequently. This stunning dress is crafted from vintage repurposed cloth and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure it will be looking as good as new for its next young wearer.

    6. Handwoven Organic Cotton Baby Blanket, $55


    This beautiful blanket is a guaranteed hit with both baby and parents. With a classic yet contemporary design, the blanket is handwoven from GOTS certified organic cotton that will be beautifully soft and comforting on young skin.

    7. Organic Baby Leggings and Crew Set, $65

    Gender neutral, super soft and eco-friendly from the ground up, this set of bottoms and crew neck top by Olen Organic is sure to keep them cosy. The whimsical print is a unique illustration by British artist Nick Fusedale, printed on using gentle, water-based inks.

    8. Super Soft Organic Bib Cloths, $38

    These organic cloths come with handy snaps so they can be quickly transformed from burp cloths into a bib when needed. Lightweight and absorbent, they’re crafted from a blend of high and low weave organic cotton fabric that comes undyed for the most sensitive of young skin.

    9. Calming Organic Lavender Body Wash, $30

    Whilst the body wash might not last forever, it does come in refillable aluminum bottles and the brand encourages you to send all bottles back to them to be reused. The ingredients are all natural, safe and non-toxic, making it a perfect gentle cleanser for babies.

    10. Wishbone Design Studio Wagon, $399.99

    This wagon is a versatile gift that kids of all ages can enjoy for years to come. The handle allows it to be pulled at the front, pushed from behind, or stowed for downhill racing, and it’s not only durable but designed to be easily repairable. A true heirloom toy.


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    March 15, 2019 — Georgie Crosswell