Standard Digging Spade


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The Bulldog Digging Spade is ideal for digging in unprepared ground ready for planting new plants, seeds and vegetables.

  • Solid forged spade with YD handle
  • Approximately 40 inches
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in Britain
  • Carbon steel head is solid forged and can withstand repetitive use
  • YD handle provides a comfortable grip when working with harder soils
  • Also perfect to use in moving larger quantities of bulk material

    For over 200 years, Bulldog Tools have been a trusted name among gardeners, farmers and professional landscapers worldwide, outlasting other tools in the shed and being passed down from one generation to another. The Pedigree by Bulldogs range of hand tools focus on design, durability, elegance and performance. The end result is a garden tool that is as resilient and strong as its company’s namesake, with tools that take pride of place in any shed or garden setting.

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