Every year around February 14th, approximately 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged around the world, making it the second most popular greeting card holiday after Christmas.

But Valentine’s Day is more than just a Hallmark holiday. Some historians believe that the day celebrates the 6th century Roman Feast of Lupercal (or Lupercalia) – a festival that involved lashing naked women with goat hide to encourage fertility. The men would then randomly draw women’s names from a jar for ritual coupling, and these couples often fell in love and were married the following year. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that February 14th became decisively associated with love. It was believed that this date marked the beginning of birds’ mating season, underlining the theme of romance; and the first recorded Valentine greeting, a love poem, was sent in 1415. By the mid-1800s, mass-produced valentines of lace and ribbon were being sold every year in America.

You’ve probably received your fair share of flowers, chocolates or greeting cards over the years, but unless you’re exceptionally sentimental, you’ve probably found yourself recycling or binning these cards a few days later. Let’s skip the cards this year and instead show our devotion in more long-lasting ways. Why not share an experience with your loved one, like taking a weekend holiday or going out to a nice dinner? And if you’re going to purchase something for them, make sure your gift sends a message – get them a gift as lasting as your love. Here are 40+ long-lasting gift ideas to spoil your Valentine.

40+ Long-lasting Gift Ideas for Your Valentine | buymeonce.com

The One Who Loves to Accessorize

For Her

1. A pair of funky herringbone tights to upgrade any outfit, $27. 

2. A handwoven scarf with a 20-year repair or replace guarantee, $55. 

3. A gorgeous clutch made from reclaimed Burberry leather offcuts and decommissioned fire hose, $198.33. 

4. Soft, ethically produced British alpaca gloves to keep her hands warm, $89. 

5. Classic black snag-resistant tights from Swedish Stockings, $29. 

For Him

6. A lifetime guaranteed belt made from the strongest decommissioned fire hose, $46.28. 

7. A traditional bobble hat inspired by the Everest vista, $69. 

8. A slim, functional wallet crafted from durable recycled materials like ballistic nylon, $37. 

9. Handmade in Italy from premium leather, this elegant briefcase is a lifetime investment, $548. 

10. Every man needs his indestructible, lifetime guaranteed shades, $95. 

40+ Long-lasting Gift Ideas for Your Valentine | buymeonce.com

The One Who Loves to Cook

11. A lifetime guaranteed cotton canvas apron that will stand up to any mess, $170. 

12. Long-lasting silicone mats for all their baking and roasting needs, $21.95. 

13. This ergonomic, lifetime guaranteed whisk is the only one they’ll ever need, $12.95. 

14. A classic iron pan that can be passed on to your future grandkids, $175. 

15. During those slow, romantic mornings together, nothing beats a fresh espresso, $27. 

The One Who Loves to Read

16. Mindfully curate a home together that reflects your personal tastes, $10.40. 

17. Help them break free of the clutter and organise their entire life, $14.95. 

18. They’ve seen the Netflix show, now they can read the book, $8.40. 

19. Learn how one man spent an entire year without spending a penny, $12.77. 

20. Are they a budding minimalist? Show them the joy of less, $27.99. 

40+ Long-lasting Gift Ideas for Your Valentine | buymeonce.com

If She Loves to Sparkle

21. Pineapples are the ‘it’ fruit right now; she’ll be thrilled to wear this cutie around her neck, $82.06. 

22. Lovely and minimalist, this linked silver bracelet will look darling with any outfit, $249.60. 

23. This unique rose gold acorn pendant would make a luxurious gift, $287.42. 

24. If she’s a nature lover, she’ll adore these delicate gold oak leaf studs, $203.52. 

25. Make sure she doesn't lose her new earrings with these rose gold secure earring backs, $50.

If He Loves to Groom

26. This calming after shave balm is extra nourishing on dry skin, $27. 

27. A long-lasting shaving set for the purists, $165. 

28. This 24-hour protection deodorant is aluminum-free and features fresh lime and peppermint, $12.80. 

29. A perfect travel case made from fire hose that will fit all his grooming essentials, $85.94.

30. An indulgent shaving set featuring the iconic Mark One safety razor, $389.

40+ Long-lasting Gift Ideas for Your Valentine | buymeonce.com

The One Who Loves to Relax

For Her

31. A one-pot wonder beauty balm for all skin types that smells like a summer rose garden, $74.

32. Slip this ultra soft and snuggly robe over her shoulders and watch her fall into comfortable bliss, $98.

33. Let her sink into a soothing rose and pomegranate scented bath with this organic oil, $25.50. 

34. This ethical sleepwear set combines comfort and durability with vintage flair, $144. 

35. An energizing body scrub to nourish dry skin featuring the alluring scents of citrus and geranium, $29.50. 

For Him

36. A versatile and snuggly organic cotton robe, perfect for a relaxing evening in, $148.  

37. He’ll never want to dress once he’s spent a night sleeping in these soft organic cotton shorts, $46. 

38. Put some life into his skin with this miracle scrub made from ground rice, honey, grapefruit oil and kaolin clay, $24. 

39. These 3/4 length cotton pants are perfect for lounging, travelling, and everything in between, $95. 

40. The most durable portable speaker with 30 hours of battery life, $135. 

40+ Long-lasting Gift Ideas for Your Valentine | buymeonce.com

The One Who Loves to Explore

41. Versatile and lifetime guaranteed, they’ll love this roomy, envelope-style backpack, $145. 

42. Handmade in Italy from the finest leather, this durable travel wallet will keep all their documents safe, $76. 

43. This comfortable one-strap backpack is a traveler’s dream and will last generations, $125. 

44. These customizable, modular ski goggles will keep them fully protected on the slopes, $140. 

45. The original lifetime guaranteed socks from Darn Tough, $20.13. 

Note: Product prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publication.

February 01, 2019 — Amanda Saxby