There are certain items in our lives we buy over and over again, without giving it much thought.

Sometimes, products are designed to be disposable, when they really don’t have to be. Take razors or pepper grinders for instance. Other times, they’re just plain flimsy - from cracked French presses to thin, holey socks. It doesn't take long for all these purchases to add up to a significant spend, even if they're cheaper in the short term.

Buying for life saves money, time and waste. Here are some of our fantastic long-lasting alternatives to common throwaway items, all independently researched and tested by us.


Rockwell Razors

Razors for life

How many razors do you reckon you've used in your lifetime? The razor is an item we've come to see as disposable, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The blade is the only thing that wears out, yet we have to throw away the whole unit every time.

Though they might look a little intimidating, these Rockwell Razors are easy to use, and far from old-fashioned. Rockwell have completely reengineered the original double-edged razor from the ground up. That means no nicks or cuts - and the closest, most comfortable shave of your life. Their stainless steel 6S model (made here in the USA) even carries a lifetime guarantee.


Skeppshult cast iron pepper grinder

Heavy-duty pepper grinders

Those flimsy disposable pepper grinders you get from the supermarket aren't just wasteful, they're also terrible to use. Have you ever tried to force one to turn, only for the top to pop off and flood your spaghetti sauce? When you invest in a proper pepper grinder, the difference is remarkable.

These beautiful cast iron pepper grinders by Swedish iron masters Skeppshult are satisfyingly solid and weighty. They make short work of peppercorns, with a simple internal crushing mechanism that will never break on you. Or for a more traditional design, check out the Paris pepper mill by Peugeot, which carries a lifetime guarantee.


The No. 2 Eyewear

Sunnies with a difference

Flimsy frames aren’t just a source of holiday frustration - cheap sunglasses can be harmful to your eyes too if they don’t have good light filters. By investing in a good pair, you can protect your vision and say goodbye to broken frames.

Our minimalistic sunglasses by The No. 2 Eyewear are made of high quality ultra-thin stainless steel, and have no screws to come loose. They’re super light and comfortable, and extremely durable. Or for something a little different, check out our lightweight bamboo sunglasses by Panda, sustainably made with a lifetime guarantee.


Welly Bottles

Sleek reusable water bottles and cups

Never buy bottled water again. Welly Bottles are tough and thoughtfully designed, made from a combination of stainless steel and sustainable bamboo. The outstanding vacuum insulation keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold - perfect for life on the go. 

The Traveler Bottle even comes with a removable infuser, so you can brew tea or naturally flavor your water with fruit (mint and cucumber is our favorite). Are you a takeout coffee regular? Cut down on waste by handing a Welly Camp Cup to your barista, and your coffee will stay hot for hours. 


Paper Project paper yarn socks

Quality socks

It’s all too easy to buy cheap socks for a few dollars - but then you’re stuck with wearing thin, sweaty materials until they wear out (which at least won’t take long). When it comes to the things you wear every day, you’ll thank yourself for investing in better.

The idea of paper yarn might sound strange, but paper has been used to make clothes in Japan for centuries.⁠ Textiles experts Paper Project have spent over ten years developing new fabrics made with this material. The result is beautifully smooth, dry socks, with moisture-wicking properties and long-lasting quality.


360 Cookware frying pans

Proper frying pans

No matter how carefully you look after a non-stick pan, that synthetic coating will eventually start to flake off. Instead of replacing it with yet another non-stick, why not learn to cook on a different material instead? 

Our stainless steel frying pans by 360 Cookware are made in Wisconsin, and carry a lifetime guarantee. Chefs love stainless steel - with proper preheating, you can get a superior sear on your food, without any sticking. Plus, they’re virtually indestructible.


Dalcini clip top lunchbox

Stainless steel lunchboxes

Ditch the leaky takeout box, and choose a lunch receptacle you can trust for a lifetime. This exceedingly satisfying clip-top container by Dalcini Stainless is made of top-quality, non-rusting stainless steel. It’s leakproof, easy to clean and won’t retain stains or odors (unlike a plastic lunchbox). 

Our Dalcini collection is full of useful, everlasting containers - ideal for keeping your snacks or salad dressing separate too. With no seams, no paint and no plastic parts, there’s nothing to go wrong. No wonder they carry a lifetime guarantee.


Briggs & Riley suitcase

Your last luggage

Have you ever had to drag a one-wheeled or splitting suitcase through airport security? When you’re traveling, having luggage that you can depend on makes a world of difference. Briggs & Riley bags are classic, ergonomic and full of useful features, made from ballistic nylon fabrics that shrug off wear and tear. 

Best of all, the brand offers an astonishing unconditional lifetime repairs guarantee, with authorized repair centers all over the world. Luggage can and should be a one-time investment - not something to repurchase every couple of years.


Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner

A modular vacuum cleaner

You might not think a vacuum cleaner is something you have to buy over and over, but with the rise of trendy new cordless stick vacs, their lifespan is plummeting. Can we have the convenience of cordless, with the reliability of traditional vacuum cleaners?

The Lupe Pure Cordless was invented by two engineers disillusioned with the gimmicky add-ons and short life cycles of modern vacuums. Offering the strongest and most efficient suction of any cordless vacuum cleaner out there, the Lupe has modular parts, meaning it can stay with you for life.


Wishbone 3-in-1 kid's bike

Toys that grow with your child

Buying toys that kids break, outgrow or lose interest in is something of an inevitability. But what if you could invest in an item that wasn’t just durable, but grew with your child - and held their interest? That promoted active play and motor skills?

With an ethos rooted in slowing down consumption and reducing waste in the toy industry, Wishbone Design Studio are dedicated to making heirloom-quality bikes that transform as a child grows. Their 3-in-1 bikes will provide years of adventure, from the age of 18 months up to 6 years.

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You can also buy our founder’s book, A Life Less Throwaway, here.


June 14, 2022 — Jana Pleyto