Father’s Day is just around the corner. If your dad is anything like mine, there’s nothing he’d like less than a novelty gift that was bought just for the sake of it. Even worse if it’s themed around golf, soccer or beer. 

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show your pops just how much he means to you - and as with all gift-giving, that means demonstrating you actually know the recipient. If you’re struggling with a gift idea, a great bet is to opt for things that are practical, well-made and useful.

Maybe you’re not buying for your dad - perhaps you’re celebrating your father-in-law, grandfather, uncle, or simply someone who helped make you the person you are today. Maybe you’re buying for a new father.

No matter who you want to treat this Father’s Day, give them something a little different. Here’s this year’s guide to our top twelve long-lasting, thoughtful and unique father’s day gifts - for all budgets. Cheers to that.


Dalcini lunch box

1. A metal clip-top lunchbox, $50

Perfect for the outdoorsman, commuter or meal prep enthusiast. This exceedingly satisfying container by Dalcini Stainless is made of top-quality, non-rusting stainless steel. It’s leakproof, easy to clean and won’t retain stains or odors (unlike a plastic lunchbox). And like all our Dalcini products, it carries a lifetime guarantee.


Skeppshult spice grinder

2. A Swedish cast iron spice mill, $80

Foodies will love grinding up spices in this weighty cast iron spice mill - think cumin seeds, star anise, peppercorns or coriander seeds. Toast them whole, grind them up and make the best curry of your life. Our Skeppshult products are handmade in Sweden, and carry a 25 year guarantee.


The Midnight Scoop

3. The ultimate ice cream scoop, $39.95

Designed by an aerospace engineer frustrated with traditional ice cream scoops, the Midnight Scoop makes the perfect gift for dessert lovers. With an ergonomically curved handle and sharp spear-shaped tip, even the hardest ice creams don’t stand a chance. Made of sturdy stainless steel and guaranteed for life.


Paper Project socks

4. Japanese paper yarn socks, $16

Made by paper clothing innovators Paper Project, these socks feel smooth, dry and secure. Made with 18% Japanese paper yarn, they wick moisture fast and have anti-odor properties. And don’t worry - socks made of paper are far more hardwearing than they sound! They’re built to last, and carry a one year guarantee exclusive to us. Available in purple, red or black.


Rockwell razor

5. A lifetime safety razor, $30

Your dad has probably spent thousands on disposable razors over his lifetime. Get him out of the cycle with this smart double-sided safety razor by Rockwell, perfect for a first-timer. If you really want to splash out, their USA-made 6S model has a full stainless steel construction with six settings. Oh, and don’t forget extra blades.


Solidteknics skillet

6. An iron barbecue skillet, $169

Grill fanatics will love this vented barbecue skillet by iron masters Solidteknics. Suspended over an open fire, the holes in this pan allow smoke and fire to directly reach your food, creating ultimate flame-grilled flavor. These pans are USA-made, pre-seasoned, and carry a multi-century warranty. 


Flowfold wallet

7. A wallet made of sailcloth, $19.95

This Flowfold wallet is so light, it floats! Proudly made in Maine from recycled high-performance sailcloth, this minimalistic wallet is for those with no interest in excess features. With a sleek profile that fits seamlessly in your pocket, this tough little wallet will last a lifetime of use - guaranteed.


Peugeot coffee grinder

8. A French coffee grinder, $115

If your dad loves coffee but never grinds his own, a coffee grinder will take his morning brew to the next level. The Kronos hand coffee grinder by Peugeot comes with a highly adjustable grinding mechanism, for truly personalized coffee. Made in France from high-quality hardened steel, the mechanism is guaranteed to last forever.


Sertodo Copper jigger

9. A hand-hammered copper jigger, $28

This jigger makes a beautiful little accessory for any cocktail lover or budding barman. Made of 100% recycled copper, each one is delicately hammered into shape by Sertodo Copper’s master artisans. The jigger is double-sided, with 2 oz and 1 oz cups on either side, and carries a lifetime guarantee.


Toyo Toolbox

10. A Japanese steel toolbox, $55

DIYers and hobbyists will love these retro steel Toyo toolboxes, beautifully made in Japan using stamping and folding techniques. Durable, lightweight and versatile, they’re perfect for holding anything from art supplies to snacks. We love the smart red of this Mini Box - or for extra storage, you can’t beat this Steel Cantilever Toolbox.


Piglet pajamas

11. A set of linen pajamas, $134 

Our Piglet pajamas make fantastic gifts, and have been a firm favorite with our customers for years. Fresh, comfy and breathable, the linen fabric just gets softer and softer with each wear. Available in blueberry (pictured), midnight stripe, gray and blush pink (all unisex, so pay attention to the sizing notes).


Master Shin knife

12. A carbon steel paring knife, $160

Handmade by one of South Korea’s most highly esteemed blacksmiths, Master Shin, this is probably the sharpest, most wear-resistant knife your dad will ever have in his kitchen. The super-hard steel is hammered a thousand times to achieve incredible sharpness. This is a gift that will be cherished and used every day for decades.

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June 01, 2022 — Catherine McKay